NBA Playoffs Second Round Predictions

So far the first round of the playoffs has had some competitive games. Now were are at arguably the best part of the playoffs the divisional round, there are great match ups on both sides.

In the East the best four teams are going to go at it. The Milwaukee Bucks will face the Boston Celtics, the Toronto Raptors are gonna take on the Philadelphia 76ers.

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Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia 76ers: Raptors in 6 games

I’m taking the Raptors in this series because of the chemistry, when I see the Raptors play I see five guys working as one. I do not think the 76ers big 4 has the chemistry to compete with Toronto dynamic duo of Kawhi Leonard and Pascal Siakam.

The 76ers are a good team but I do not know which team is going to show up each night. One night they can compete with anyone. The next night they look like team that should not be in the playoffs. The inconsistency of the 76ers is the main reason I do not believe in them.

Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics: Celtics in 7 games 

This was a hard series to determine the outcome. The Bucks have size, consistency and great coaching. The Celtics have talent, speed, and great coaching. I believe the Celtics are going to win because of the experience they bring to the table, losing game seven of last year conference finals gave them big game experience. The biggest factor is Kyrie Irving, he has always shown up in the playoffs. Iriving has came up big in these moments.

The Bucks have been the talk of the playoffs because a lot of people think they have the best chance to beat the Golden State Warriors. I do not think so their lack of experience is going to hurt them when they are playing the Celtics. Giannis Antetokounmpo will be effective but the rest team will not in the big games of this series.

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In the West we have a rematch of the last year conference finals between the Golden State Warriors going up against the Houston Rockets. The second match up is an interesting one, the Denver Nuggets will take on the Portland Trailblazers.

Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets: Warriors in 7 games

I hate to say this but the Warriors are going to beat the Rockets again. Yes, I’m rooting against the Warriors but they always find a way out of trouble. Look at last year they almost lost to Rockets if point guard Chris Paul did suffer his injury. The biggest reason why the Rockets are going to lose is because of their bench.

The bench is not the same as last year. The bench was able to score at will, this year I have not seen it at all. They have trouble scoring with out James Harden or Chris Paul on the floor. That is why the Warriors are going to win because this time they will not underestimate the Rockets this time.

Denver Nuggets vs Portland Trailblazers: Nuggets in 6 games 

This series is will not be as exciting as most people think it will be. The Nuggets are going to impose their will on the Trailblazers, they barely escaped the Oklahoma City Thunder, while the Thunder were missing most of their shots. The Nuggets are a different animal to handle.

The offense of the Nuggets will be to much for Trailblazers to handle. The biggest factor is the defense of the Nuggets, they have a great defense that could stop the Blazers from scoring in the paint. That is why I’m taking the Nuggets in this series.