5 Worst Picks of the NFL Draft

There has been many surprise picks in this past draft. Some of them were steals and others were completely stupid picks. Here are the WORST picks of the NFL Draft.

5. Seattle Seahawks, Marquise Blair

The Seahawks got Blair in the second round with the 47 overall pick. I did not like this pick because I felt there were many safeties in the draft better than him. I felt the should have drafted Taylor Rapp because they Seahawks are known for being a tackling defense. Rapp would have been a perfect fit for them, Blair is good but I do think he should have been drafted later.

howard Photo if from: https://www.cincyjungle.com/2019/3/27/18282265/bengals-met-with-alabama-state-ot-tytus-howard

4. Houston Texans, Tytus Howard

I was not a fan of this pick. I felt if the Texans were going to pick an offensive lineman, they should have pick Jawaan Taylor or Cody Ford. I personal think Howard needs more developing because he did not start fully playing tackle until he got to college. Taylor and Ford have had the experience of playing against some of the best pass rushers in college football. If I were to pick an offensive lineman I would pick guys who had success against some of the best pass rusher in college.

3.  Dallas Cowboys, Trysten Hill

This pick was not necessary for the Cowboys, they really issues for the Cowboys is the weapons outside of Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper. Yes they Cowboys offense was rolling when Cooper started going, but know teams have film on what the Cowboys like to run with Cooper. I felt should have targeted a tight end or a number 2 wide receiver to take pressure off of Zeke and Amari to keep scoring on every drive.

2. Kansas City Chiefs, Mecole Hardman

I understood the pick because of the Tyreek Hill situation. The Chiefs picked Hardman who has tremendous speed, and needs developing on his catching. The reason I did not like the pick because Ohio State receiver Parris Campbell was still on board at that time. Campbell is a better player than Hardman, Campbell has speed, can catch the ball and the ability to create space. Which what Tyreek Hill has been doing the past 2 seasons. So If you are going to get Hill replacement I felt it should have been Campbell.

jones Photo is from: https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/04/26/nfl-draft-2019-daniel-jones-new-york-giants-eli-manning-dave-gettleman

1.New York Giants, Daniel Jones

This picked shocked the whole NFL world. Almost everyone knew the Giants were going to pick a quarterback this year, but not many people really believe that they were going to get Duke quarterback Daniel Jones. Jones once had 9 interception game. That is not good at all, If they where going to get a quarterback they should have drafted Dwayne Haskins. Every quarterback in this draft is better than Jones, the Giants pick him simply because his is Eli Manning friend. The Giants will regret that pick.