Top 5 Steals of the 2019 NFL Draft

There was a good amount of steals in this year draft, like Kentucky Josh Allen falling to Jacksonville Jaguars at seven. That was good steal but that was not the best steal of the draft.

Here are the top 5 steals of the 2019 NFL Draft

5. Cleveland Browns, Greedy Williams CB


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This a very good steal for the Browns, they got a corner who most people had rated as the best cornerback going into the draft. The Browns got Williams as a mid second round pick. When I see Williams I see Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, great speed, good ball skills and is ok at tackling. By going to Browns he will be able to utilize his skills because he will have Denzel Ward on the other side of him. With Ward on the other side Williams will hands down be the ball hawk for the Browns secondary, just like how Rodgers-Cromartie was for all of his teams.

4.  Pittsburgh Steelers, Diontae Johnson WR

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I loved this pick for the Steelers they got a very underrated receiver. Johnson is a very good route runner, has sure hands and solid speed. I do not think he will not make a big impact at the start of season. I see him gaining trust with Ben Roethlisberger later on the season, which is when we will see him really make an impact on the Steelers offense. To get a wide receiver who I believed who was going to drafted in the second round in the third round was a very good steal.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars, Jawaan Taylor OT

This was a great steal for the Jaguars, they got a lyaer who should have been drafted in the top 15. I understand that the University of Florida has not produce the most NFL talent, meaning that not a lot great players come out of their. But I do think Taylor will be a very good starter in the NFL. He has good speed, great run blocker and a solid pass blocker. He fits the offense the Jaguars run, which is mostly run and not many passes. To get the second best offensive tackle in the draft at 35 is a huge steal, that was a position they needed to be filled sense the Jaguars sign quarterback Nick Foles to a 4 year 88 million dollar contract. You need good offensive lineman to protect your quarterback.

2. Tennessee Titans, D’Andre Walker OLB

I was a big fan of pick for the Titans. I did watch about six University of Georgia games this year, I can say that Walker really stood out to me. He has great size for an outside linebacker, I think he fits perfect in the Titans system. He does need to work on first step a little bit  because sometimes he will either be too fast that will cause a false start or to slow which does not give him much time to get to the quarterback. I do think he will be a starter by the end of the season for the Titans because he has so much potential as a rusher. Over great pick for the Titans.

1.Arizona Cardinals, Hakeem Butler WR

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This was hands down my favorite pick of the draft, Butler is a wide receiver out of Iowa State. When I see him a see a Mike Evans or a young Vincent Jackson, Butler has great size at 6’5  weighing at 227 pounds. The only problem he has is his inconsistency with catching passes. But if he catches those passes he is almost unstoppable, he break any tackle from any corner. He bullies them to the ground check out his highlights. If learns how to catch the ball consistently he will be a top wide receiver in the NFL.