Cody Bellinger is the best player in MLB

The first month of the MLB season just finished, we have seen two players got on absolute tears that are mind-boggling. But one stands out, that is Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman/ outfielder Cody Bellinger.

For those of you that do not know who Bellinger, well you will now because this guy is hands down the front runner for MVP.

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As of today Bellinger is in first place for almost every category. He has an average of .425 (1st) with 14 homeruns (Tied for 1st), 38 RBI’s (1st) and has scored 32 runs (1st). If you look up almost every hitting category he is either in first place or in the top five.

He has even improve his defense this year. He has not made as many mistakes as he did in the past. He has shown he has gotten stronger when it comes to his arm. He now as the ability to maybe throw out 3 out 10 runners which is very good for a guy his size.

Other people will say Christian Yelich but if you look at his number outside of Milwaukee they are not that great. Yelich has 13 homeruns on his home field, and only 1 on the road.

Bellinger has 9 homeruns at home and 5 on the road. To me if can produce consistently at home and on the road you deserve to be MVP. Which was what Yelich did last year, Yelich was hitting great every where last year which was huge for his argument for MVP.

But this year Yelich has not done that at all. Bellinger is killing the ball every where he goes.

As of right now Bellinger has better number than the “Best Player in Baseball” Los Angeles Angels Mike Trout. So right now the best player in Baseball is Cody Bellinger.