New York Giants GM Dave Gettleman is Clueless

Ever since Dave Gettleman was hired we have seen nothing but mistakes from him. Dave Gettleman is a horrible General Manger because he is no idea what he is doing and everybody knows he is clueless.

Lets start with his first offseason. He hired Pat Shurmur as the Head Coach who went on to hire other coaches. All the coaches proved to us they are horrible coaches, it took Pat Shurmur 10 weeks to get the Giants to get back-to-back wins.

Now the free agents he signed, he missed out on All-Pro lineman Andrew Norwell. So, he signs offensive tackle Nate Solder to a 4 year deal worth 62 million dollars with 34.8 million guaranteed.

Solder is a good Tackle but he is not worth that kind of money. Then he signs Jonathan Stewart to a 2-year deal and Stewart only played in 3 games last year. Now Stewart is retiring.  That is already 2 bad signings.

Then in the draft he made the wrong decision. At the time yes, it was right to draft running back Saquon Barkley, but the Giants front office knew what quarterback Eli Manning was going to give them.

The choice they should have made was Sam Darnold. They would have had quarterback of the future now instead getting one in this draft.

No we get to this past season, during the season he made a very stupid trade and failed to to make a trade that was necessary. Gettleman traded an All-Pro defensive tackle Damon Harrison for 5th round pick to the Detroit Lions.

He should not made that trade unless he was offered a 2nd round pick. The trade was stupid, he traded a defensive tackle in his prime on a team friendly contract.

The trade he should made during the season was a trade for Landon Collins. Rumors came out that a team did offer Dave Gettleman a 1st round pick for Collins.

Gettleman went on to deny the rumors but we all know he has a horrible poker face, we all known when he is lying. If Gettleman knew he was not going to resign Landon Collins he should have traded him. But no he kept Collins who went on to sign with a division  rival.

Now to probably the move he will be known for the rest of his career. Gettleman is the guy who traded Odell Beckham Jr. a 26 year old receiver in his prime after giving him a contract extension the year prior.

That was hands down the dumbest trade I have ever seen in my life. Why would you give away a 26 year old receiver for a 1st round pick (Dexter Lawrence), 3rd round pick (Oshane Ximines) and Jabrill Peppers.  What part of this trade said the Giants are winners.

None of it those. Now we are the draft that just past, Gettleman made one of the worst choices I have ever seen. He drafted Duke quarterback Daniel Jones with the 6th overall pick, he could of had Josh Allen the edge rusher or quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

People can forgive minor mistakes when you are GM, but when you keep making huge mistakes it gets really hard to forgive you. I do not how you still have a job Dave Gettleman.