The Warriors are holding Klay Thompson Back

This offseason in the NBA their is going to be a ton of big free agents. Out side of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving the biggest free agent is Klay Thompson. The Warriors are holding him back.

Klay Thompson is hands down a top 5 shooter right now in the NBA. Thompson has the ability to score almost 28 to 30 points a night, right now he is only scoring 21 points a night.

The biggest reason is because of Kevin Durant and Steph Curry, Thompson is forced to feed them the ball.

When you have a shooter like Thompson on your team, you have to use him as much as possible. He has shown the world several time that he can end the game in one quarter because he can get so hot that no defender can stop him.

If Thompson is on any other team he would be the 1st option for most teams and 2nd for only about five teams.

Thompson deserves better because he can be known as the best shooter of all time if he leaves Golden State.

Now that Steph Curry is struggling right now and they are still feeding Curry the ball, when they know Thompson has shown up in the playoffs unlike Curry.

Thompson has not reached his full potential because of Golden State, so he needs to leave in order to reach his potential.