Raptors vs 76ers game 5 reaction

Yesterday the Philadelphia 76ers were destroyed by the Toronto Raptors by the score of 125 to 89.

I regret watching this game because the 76ers did not come ready to play at all. They made so many mistakes that the Raptors did not even play that hard in order to win that game.

Joel Embiid looked like he should have never played at all, because he was so horrible in this game, I just questioned him the whole game. The reports are that Embiid is really sick.

If he is so sick why is playing basketball, instead of being at the hospital getting treatment. But outside of that people need to realize that he has teammates that failed to show up too.

Jimmy Butler is suppose to be one of the best 2 way players in the NBA, but he has not stepped up in these playoffs at all. Tobias Harris has not made that big of an impact in this series as he did in the first series against the Brooklyn Nets.

Even point guard Ben Simmons has gone missing because he has not shown up once in this series. No one in their starting five has not played consistently which has hurt them so much in the playoffs.

A reason why they are playing like this is because of of coaching, Brett Brown has not made any adjustments because we are seeing the same gameplan every game.

They have not been able to stop Kawhi Leonard no matter who is guarding him, and they need to give other players outside of Embiid and Butler shots because the main scorers are missing.

The 76ers are suppose to be this talented team that could beat anyone on their best night. That does not seem true any more, it looks like they are going to have to make big changes once this offseason arrives.

Outside of that the Toronto Raptors should feel good about this because the 76ers look deflated after last night. Kawhi Leonard looks unstoppable when he takes over, plus the bench for the Raptors are finally giving him help.

This is the first game I have seen someone else other than Leonard score the basketball, no one was able to score the basketball on that Raptors until yesterday. This could be sign for good things to come.

The Raptors had a night off which will help them a lot going into game 6 which will help them a lot in order to close out this series.

If the Raptors can play similar to this every night they can win the NBA Finals.