Warriors vs Rockets game 6 reaction

Last night we saw the Golden State Warriors best the Houston Rockets 118 to 114. This was a collapse by the Houston Rockets.

This was their best chance to win the NBA Finals and they blew it.

Chris Paul and James Harden showed up but where was their team mates, because the duo of the Rockets did not get much help form their supporting cast.

The Rockets did the same mistakes as they did last year in game 7 of the Western Conference Finals. They did not focus on mid range shooting and did not focus enough on defense.

The Rockets were were able to make more 3’s than the Warriors, but, the failed out score them in the mid range which was the difference.

The defense for the Rockets was not present at all. They kept letting the Warriors get wide open shots the whole game.

If the Rockets would have better played better on defense the score probably would looked different.

curry Photo is from: https://sports.yahoo.com/warriors-rockets-game-6-paul-curry-thompson-033854351.html

351.htmlThe Warriors on the other hand prove one thing to world they do not need Kevin Durant in order to win.

The Warriors actually looked better as a team without Durant, because they shared the ball from start to finish. Instead of playing iso basketball with Durant on the floor.

Steph Curry has an amazing second half by scoring 33 points. Klay Thompson was great the whole game by playing good defense and hitting shots early which got him his rhythm.

The Warriors should feel really good about this win, because if Durant is not able to play some games in the Western Conference Finals they know they will be fine without him.

This gives Durant more time to rest, while the Warriors wait for their next opponent.