Top 5 Trade Packages for LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers are a complete mess right now. Some fans believe they are such a mess that some fans believe they should trade Superstar LeBron James. Rumors even came out that Owner Jeanie Buss wanted to trade James before the trade deadline. Here are the top 5 trade packages for LeBron James.

The trades are base on money factor, meaning which teams have the salary on their roster right now to trade with the Lakers.

5.Miami Heat 

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Lakers receive: Forward Ryan Anderson, Forward Justice Winslow, Guard Dion Waiters

Heat receive: Forward LeBron James

This trade would be good for both parties. The Lakers get a fresh start and bring a group a of guys who know their roles. Anderson will only shoot, Waiters can score, and Winslow can run the point some games while playing very good defense. For LeBron he will be going to a young core with the Heat that could win the East with Head Coach Erik Spoelstra.

4.Toronto Raptors 

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Lakers receive: Guard Kyle Lowry, Guard Jodie Meeks, Forward OG Anunoby

Raptors receive: Forward LeBron James, Guard Josh Hart

The Raptors do not known if forward Kawhi Leonard will return this offseason. So, going after LeBron James would be a great backup plan if Leonard does not comeback. LeBron would go to team that has a great bench, good coach and great atmosphere with guard Josh Hart. The Lakers would not be getting a good deal from the Raptors because none of bench players on Toronto make that much money, so the Lakers have to deal with the players who are not that good but make a lot of money in order for this trade to happen.

3.San Antonio Spurs 

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Lakers receive: Guard DeMar DeRozan, Forward Davis Bertans, Guard Lonnie Walker IV

Spurs receive: Forward LeBron James

The trade with the Spurs might be the most likely to happen. The Spurs give them DeRozan who express playing for the Lakers not that long ago and he is from Los Angeles which is plus for their market, a home grown kid comes back home. They would also receive Walker IV who has shown potential this year, Bertans would be great for the Lakers bench if they use him right which to use him as a three-point shooter.

The Spurs would also win in this trade because they would match LeBron James with Gregg Popovich. They would have the ability to do great things as a player-coach combo.

2. Houston Rockets 

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Lakers receive: Center Clint Capela, Guard Eric Gordon, Forward PJ Tucker

Rockets receive: Forward LeBron James

A trade with the Rockets to me seems unlikely, but the Rockets are one of few teams that could fro James depending on the money. This is the best trade for the Lakers, because they would be a center in Capela for is locked up for more years, Tucker who has two years left on his deal and Gordon who has one year on his deal.

The Rockets in the short run they are winners becuase they should win a title with that big 3. But in the long run they will be losers because they will the contracts of James Harden, Chris Paul and Lebron James which will hurt them in signing free agents because there are only a few that will sign for the league minimum.

1. Boston Celtics 

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Lakers receive: Forward Gordon Hayward, Guard Jaylen Brown

Celtics receive: LeBron James

A trade with the Celtics is hands down the most unlikely to happen because of the rivalry. But if the Lakers can get Jaylen Brown or Jason Tatum with Gordon Hayward because of the money, the Lakers would be a lot better. They would bring in two scores that won’t mess up the chemistry with the team.

If the Celtics get LeBron James, they can win the NBA finals for the next 3 years. They have the supporting cast to do it along with the Head Coach Brad Stevens. I think this is the best trade out of all them because the Lakers add more young talent while the Celtics make the most of their win-now window.