NBA Conference Finals Predictions

The Conference Finals are here. It is going to be hard for the Conference Finals to live up to the games that we saw in the Semi-Finals. Here are my predictions for both Conferences.

Western Conference: 1.Golden State Warriors vs 3.Portland Trailblazers 

Warriors in 6 games 

The two teams did split the season series 2-2 which is pretty good but this series will not be close at all.

I picking the Warriors because they are the better team by far. If you look at match-ups for both teams. The Warriors win in Small Forward, Power Forward and Center. Point guard and shooting guard offest each other because both teams have great guard tandems.

The Warriors also have an advantage on play overall. The Trailblazers are game-playing for Kevin Durant to come back. The Warriors will shock the Blazers early because they are going to go back to passing the ball to get their shooters wide open. Which is what the Trailblazers are not expecting at all.

Plus history is a factor in this. The Blazers have had success against the Warriors in the regular season, but have not had any success in the playoffs. The Blazers always end each postseason run on a bad note, which is going to happen against the Warriors in this series.

Eastern Conference: 1.Milwaukee Bucks vs 2.Toronto Raptors 

Bucks in 6 games

I do think all games in this series will be close but the Bucks will get the last laugh when this series is over.

The Bucks are going to win this series because they have size and speed over the Raptors. The Raptors like to play half court basketball, the Bucks can play both full and half court basketball.  Plus, Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo is playing on a level that is too hard to the Raptors to stop. He is a bully inside the paint, can hit mid range shots and a great defender.

The main reason I do not have the Raptors winning this series because Kawhi Leonard does not have a supporting cast that can help him. Look at this past series against the Philadelphia 76ers. It was Kawhi vs the 76ers. Pascal Siakam has not shown up, Kyle Lowry has never shown up in the playoffs before so I did not expect to be a factor at all in these playoffs.

For Bucks their bench has been a killer, ask the Boston Celtics. The Celtics were not able to stop the Bucks bench at all, they got key steals, hit big shots and played good defense that had the ability keep the lead in almost all of their games.