The Top 5 Teams That Fit Zion Williamson

With the Draft lottery happening today, everyone wants to know who gets the first overall pick. Most people including myself say who ever gets the first overall, is gonna draft University of Duke Star Zion Williamson.

What most teams are forgetting in the draft is does he fit in their system. Here are my top 5 teams for Zion Williamson.

5.Cleveland Cavilers

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The Cavs are good fit for Zion because they like to play a slow pace to average pace. With former University of Michigan John Beilein  coming in to coach the team, he can up the pace of play a bit with college concepts, that will help the development of Williamson a lot. Because he won’t be learning so many new stuff at once.

We have seen former draft picks struggle because they were hit with so much at once. I also I like the pairing of him with Collin Sexton, a nice young duo that could make some noise in the Eastern Conference.

4.Washington Wizards 

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I like this fit because Washington lacks in size overall. They have no big man at power forward or center that scares anyone. Yes, John Wall and Bradley Beal are a great duo but what have they done. They need to start finding other ways to win because what they are doing now is not helping them at all.

That is where Zion comes in, he can post up which gives the Wizards more chances to run pick and rolls. The Wizards could finally play more of a physical game rather than trying to out shot their opponent every night. Zion could make the Wizards a contender next year.

3.New York Knicks 

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The Knicks good for Williamson because they need star power, Zion brings that to the table. But the main reason why I think he is a good fit for Knicks is because they can tailor a team that suits his style of play. The Knicks have a ton of money going into this free agency.

What they need to do is make sure they get players they suit Zion style of play. Like a point guard who can pass the ball and a shooter so Zion does not have all the pressure on him right away.

2.Atlanta Hawks 

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The Hawks are a great fit Zion because they are an up and coming team with young talent that is about 2 or 3 players away from really making noise in the Eastern Conference. If you add Zion Williamson with Trae Young they would be one of the best fast break teams in all of the NBA.

Atlanta does run pick and rolls a lot but they are ineffective because they do not have a big man who can out muscle anyone. Williamson is not going to have that problem, the Hawks will be able to run more of an efficient offense if the Hawks get the first overall pick.

1.Dallas Mavericks 

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The Mavericks have a long shot of getting the first overall pick but they are hands down the perfect fit for Zion Williamson. They have big man who can score in Kristaps Porziņģis, a play-maker who has can do almost everything in Luka Dončić. Add Williamson in that equation, the Mavericks would be a power house in the Western Conference.

The Mavericks would have the most exciting young “Big 3” since the Oklahoma City Thunder when they had Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden as their “Big 3.” The Mavericks play Williamson style of play, so he will not have trouble fitting into their system. The Mavericks are best fit for Zion Williamson.