Kawhi is more valuable than Giannis

With the Eastern Conference Finals starting people are asking, who is more valuable Kawhi or Giannis?

This is not hard at all Kawhi Leonard is more valuable to the Toronto Raptors than Giannis Antetokounmpo is for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Look at these playoffs, Kawhi has carried the Raptors on his back every game. Kawhi has to average over 30 a night to make sure the Raptors win because he has no help, Pascal Siakam has not been a factor at all in these playoffs.

Look at the series against the Philadelphia 76ers, Kawhi was the only one who showed up consistently. He was scoring while everyone else on that team was nowhere to be found, where was Siakam, Kyle Lowry and the rest of the team.

Game seven said it all, the head coach Nick Nurse did not trust anyone else on that roster to take a shot outside of Leonard. I don’t blame him, everyone on that roster was a nightmare when it came to shooting the basketball.

I do not count the series against the Magic because it was the Orlando Magic. Who is on the Magic? I don’t know because they are team looking for a star.

Kawhi did not help in order to beat the Orlando Magic. But when he needs help I have never seen it.

Giannis is not as a valuable to his team because he has a really good team around. He has a team full of shooters, Khris Middleton, Malcolm Brogdon and more. The rest of Buck roster has shown up this postseason.

Giannis has not had to put the team on his shoulders. Look at their games, when has Giannis had to take all the shots because they are close game. That has not happened, his supporting cast has been able to make big shots in big time moments which is huge. But Giannis has never taken over a game.

Giannis is a very player good player but he has not had to carry the load Kawhi has had to carry. Look at the Raptors do you think they would be where they are now if Kawhi is not there.

The Raptors would have been eliminated, the Bucks would at least made it to second round with out Giannis.