The Trailblazers Are Done

Last night the Golden State Warrior beat the Portland Trailblazers 114 to 111 to take 2-0 series lead. After watching that game we can all say the Blazers are done, this series is over.

The Blazers last night played a heck of game they shot 18-39 from 3PT, forced 8 steals and played much better defense than they did in game 1. But, that still was not enough to stop the Warriors.

The Blazer where up 15 going into the second half and they blew it. They gave up 39 POINTS, that blew my mind. They were play so well up until that point, they were not able to score in that quarter, they we missing shots and gave the Warriors to many second chance points.

Credit to the Warriors because they took advantage of the poor play the Blazers had in the 3rd quarter which ultimately lead to their victory. Steph Curry was great scoring 37 points on 50 percent shooting and going a perfect 11/11 from the free throw line.

Draymond Green was great on both ends of court, he played great defense and made all the right plays on offense. The Warriors as a team shot 51 percent from the field which is unbelievable considering how by the shot from 3, the Warriors shot 9 of 29 which is not good at all.

This game told all of us no matter how good of game the Blazers play they have no chance against the Warriors. The Warriors are to good of a team for the Blazers. The Blazers some how seem scared of them in big moments against the Warriors because CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard disappeared in the 4th quarter.

The Warriors ended the game on a 14 to 3 run that shattered the dreams of the Trailblazers fans thinking they can beat the Warriors. It’s over the series is done, the Warriors are going to win this series with ease and go back to the NBA Finals.