Kyrie Irving should join LeBron James

The one player who the Los Angeles Lakers should go after is Kyrie Irving. Rumors are even going around that the Iriving is thinking about joining LeBron in Los Angeles. If they do they will have a great chance to win a title.

We have seen what they can do together in the past, it is not new to recognize that their games complement each other. When they were together in Cleveland they went to 4 straight NBA Finals together.

That is not easy to do. Kyrie ha shown the world that he is not a true number 1 meaning he is not the best leader to have on a team. He even said earlier this year that he apologize to LeBron over the phone for all the stuff he did when they were together because he realized how hard it is to be a leader.

If Irving joins LeBron we might see the same playoff dominance Irving had in the past because in this past playoffs we saw a completely different player. Irving was not making shot he usually makes, he look tired at some points, and their was no one he could rely on.

With LeBron he knows he can rest until it is time to take over the game and close it out. That is the best role for Kyrie Irving. Yes, they have a history that Irving did not want to play with him anymore.

But what we saw happen to the Boston Celtics this year was bad. Irving should look at himself and see what is the role he best fits in. Which is a 1-A to another superstar like LeBron James.

Irving will be going back to role of being a “Robin” but that is a good role to have consider there are not many players who are qualified to be  “Robin” to another superstar.

If Irving wants to make the most of the next 3 to 4 years he should sign with the Lakers because he will still be learning from LeBron James, by the time LeBron contract ends Irving will be ready to led a team to the Finals and win a title.