The Warriors Do Not Need Kevin Durant

Ever since Kevin Durant went down in Game 5 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals the Warriors have actually played better than what all expected. They are playing more team ball than “Me-ball” which shows they do not need Kevin Durant to win the NBA Finals.

Once Kevin Durant went down I thought the Warriors were going to get eliminated by the Houston Rockets in the Semi-Finals. But they proved me wrong because they have played great without.

Steph Curry was making his shots, Klay Thompson was getting more opportunities to shot the ball and Draymond Green is making more of an impact. I thought they would crumble because during these playoffs it looked like it would “Durant or Bust” in the games they played with Durant.

Instead of falling they rose to the occasion and proved to all of they can win a title without Kevin Durant. They pass the ball more to find guys wide open shots instead of playing isolation basketball.

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With Durant it seemed like they played nothing but isolation basketball which might have hurt them more than anything. Now they flipped to their old game plan of sharing basketball which helped them so much because now they look unstoppable.

They might now have the depth of the team they had before but they look like 2015 team that won the Finals without Kevin Durant. Look at the stats, they play a lot better without Durant.

Some people are saying the Warriors do not stand a chance against the Milwaukee Bucks  if Kevin Durant does not play. I do not think so, they look more dangerous than they were with Durant. They are playing great all around basketball.

With the rumors of Durant leaving after this year. The Warriors might even be helping Durant pack his bags to leave because they see now they have better chance to win, because they are now involving everyone in the game instead of two or three guys to win a game.

With the way the Warriors are playing now I truly believe they can win without him because they have done it before. So, yes they do not need Kevin Durant to win.