Klay Thompson will leave the Warriors

This year a lot of people are saying that Klay Thompson wants to stay with the Golden State Warriors. That is not true.

With the way the season has gone I do believe he will leave.

Thompson was just hit with disrespect of not making it to the All-NBA team, that comes with playing with two of best scorers in the game.

Because of that the Warriors can only offer him a max deal worth to up to 191 million instead of 221 million. That is good amount of money he lost for playing great basketball this whole year.

Klay Thompson has made more of a sacrifice to the team more than anyone. He gave up more shot attempts so Kevin Durant and Steph Curry can gets more shots.

Also, when center DeMarcus Cousins was on a roll he looked like the 4th option instead of 1st or 2nd like he should be.

With him making more sacrifices, he will never get the credit he deserves. He will only be looked as one the best shooters instead one the best all-round players.

In an interview this year with CBS 60 minutes he did show clues that he was not all that happy. He mostly gave off facial expressions that were ok next question I don’t want to be here, when the question about the potential of leaving the Warriors came up.

All the small signs this year and these big signs indicate that he will leave, because he is tried of changing his game for the better of the team.

Yes, he wants to win. But what good is that if you don’t get any of the credit.