Raptors win the East

The Toronto Raptors are Eastern Conference Champions and they will take on the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

The Raptors pulled of the upset because everyone thought the Milwaukee Bucks were going to win the series.

After playing a poor first half the Raptors were able to turn it around and beat the Raptors 100 to 94 in game 6 to clinch the series.

This series told us that Kawhi Leonard is the best 2 way player in basketball and can carry a team if he has the help.

This series made all of us look at guard Kyle Lowry differently because he showed up in this series he was making big shots, plays in huge moments. That is unreal to see it from him knowing his history in the playoffs.

The biggest achievement for the Raptors in this series was holding down Giannis Antetokounmpo. After game 1 and 2 we all thought he would dominate the paint and bully the Raptors.

Nope they stop it right away Giannis has been as effective as he wanted to be in the last 4 games because they played the perfect defense against him. Have him make a shot from outside the paint.

Now that Raptors are going to the Finals, I still find it hard to believe they can beat Warriors. The Warriors are on a run that is unbelievable, they will be hard to stop.