What the Warriors need to do to win the Finals

With the Finals right around the corner everyone is saying this might last time we will see the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. If it is they need play their hearts out in order to make sure they end it the right way.

Here are the 5 things the Warriors need to do in order to win the Finals.

warriors.jpg Photo is from: https://www.goldenstateofmind.com/2019/5/19/18632098/nba-2019-golden-state-warriors-portland-trail-blazers-game-4-preview-injuries-sweep

5. Keeping sharing the ball 

Once Kevin Durant went down, we have seen the old Warriors basketball rise from the dead. Everyone on the Warriors is sharing the ball to find an open shooter. What is scary about that is they have not lost a game yet while playing this style of basketball. It is not only Steph Curry, Klay Thompson or Andre Iguodala shooting the ball, it is everyone shooting the ball.

The Toronto Raptors have not a played a team like that yet. The Milwaukee Bucks mostly play isolation basketball and “two pass” basketball (meaning that only two guys pass each to each other). If the Warriors keep sharing the ball Raptors will break down on defense which will give the Warriors big windows to close out each game.

4. Keep feeding Draymond Green

Over the past 6 games we have seen a new Draymond Green. He is controlling the fast break offense, finding wide open guys and he is making open shots. Green was horrific this whole year when it came to shooting the ball. He is playing triple-double Draymond every night since Kevin Durant got injured.

When the offense is running through Draymond they look like a well-oiled machine. They are scoring on almost every possession which is big. Plus he has more influence on the team when he a big part of the offense and defense. If the Warriors want to win the Finals they need to make sure Draymond still runs the offense if Durant returns during the Finals.


3. Get Klay Thompson Going 

A key for the Warriors to win the Finals is Klay Thompson. This is not a questions that Stpeh Curry is one of the best shooters in basketball but in my eyes he is not as good as a shooter compared to Klay Thompson. Klay Thompson has scored 37 points in a quarter. If Thompson can go on one of those tears where he scores like crazy the Warriors will blow out the Toronto Raptors.

Thompson can end the Raptors by himself which is crazy. If I’m the Warriors I would be looking for way to give him the ball no matter what.

2. Win a Game on the Road 

This is the first year this Warriors team will start the NBA Finals on the road. So, they do not have home court advantage which could hurt them. The Warriors are a good road team but they are going to face a team and City that is hunger for a title. That energy could rub off on the Raptors that might help them win all of their home games if this series goes to seven games.

If the Warriors want to 3-peat as NBA Champions they need to steal one of the first two games in Toronto.  If they can steal one of the first two games, they take back home court advantage and  they can ended the series in six games at most.

cur.jpg Photo is from: https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/04/04/steph-curry-greatest-shooter-nba-history-just-fixed-his-eyesight-record-books-beware/?utm_term=.6375b42738d9

1.Steph Curry has to be Clutch 

The biggest key for the Warriors to win this NBA Finals falls on Steph Curry being clutch in the 4th quarter. Kevin Durant was their closer but no one knows when he is coming back. So, the guy who needs to pick up the slack is Curry because this is “his team,” but can he do it. We have seen him do it in the regular season but not in the playoffs. In the last two NBA Finals he gave ball to Durant to close out the game.

Curry ran away from that role after the 2016 NBA Finals where he showed all of us that he might be guy to trust when the game is on the line. He missed so many key shots that could have ended that series. If Curry can clutch in the 4th quarter the Warriors will win this series in 5 games.