NBA Finals Predictions

Finally the NBA Finals are here. For the first time in 8 years the NBA Finals will not feature (Best Player on the Planet) LeBron James. The Finals will feature the 2-time defending Champions the Golden State Warriors against the hungry Toronto Raptors.

Here are my predictions for the finals.

Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors: 

The Raptors are coming into this series as the second biggest underdogs in the last 10 years to last year Cleveland Cavilers who lost to the Golden State Warriors in 4 games.

I don’t think this series be that bad, I do think a good majority of games will be close. The Raptors do not the fire power the Warriors have, but I do think with home court advantage on the Raptors side I feel like the supporting cast of Toronto will rise to the occasion.

The biggest factor for the Raptors in this series will be the bench. If their bench can outscore the Warriors bench, they have a great shot of winning. If the starters can keep the game close the bench can close it because the Warriors do not have that good of a bench. No lead is safe with that Warriors bench.

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The biggest question for the Warriors is Kevin Durant. No one really knows when he is coming back or if he will come back. I do think Durant will play again in game 3 because of the amount of days that are between games. Durant will have an extra week of rest if he does not play until game 3.

But I do not think the Warriors need Durant, they are not facing LeBron James they are facing the Toronto Raptors. Yes Kawhi is hands down a top 3 player in basketball but I do not think he has team to back him the way the Warriors are playing.

The way the Warriors are playing now it is hard to beat them. They are sharing basketball which is a style of play we have not seen from the Warriors in a while. We haven’t seen them play like this since their 73-9 season. I do not think the Raptors defense can handle this style of play the Warriors are going to bring.

Golden State Warriors 6 Games , MVP: Draymond Green