Trade Packages for Francisco Lindor

Rumors have come out recently that the Cleveland Indians are truly thinking of trading MLB Superstar Francisco Lindor. I was in complete shock when I heard this news, because I thought the Indians would keep him out of all of the guys.

Rumors have also come out that Lindor has turn down contract extension from the Indians.

So here are trade partners for the Cleveland Indians for Lindor.

3. Chicago White Sox

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Whites Sox receive: Francisco Lindor 

Indians receive: Outfielder Luis Robert, Pitcher Dylan Cease,  Catcher Zack Collins and a player to be named later. 

The White Sox are hands down one of the best trade partners for the Indians because they have a great farm system that is full of prospects. The Indians can get a really good package like this for Lindor which would be a win-win-win for all sides. The Indians start their rebuild with a solid core of players, the White Sox get their guy to build around, and Lindor can get the contract extension he wants because the White Sox have the money to give him a nice extension.

2. Minnesota Twins 

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Twins receive: Francisco Lindor 

Indians receive: Shortstop Royce Lewis, Pitcher Jhoan Duran and Second Baseman Jose Miranda. 

I like the Twins deal a lot because the Twins look like they are in win now mode which means they might give the Indians what they want in order to get Lindor. If the Twins get Lindor they will have a very good team that might be able to compete with the Houston Astros , New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox’s. If the Indians do a deal with the Twins the Indians could get a lot of good infield players with some pitching which would help them out a lot, because there team now is a .500 team at best.

1.Tampa Bay Rays 

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Rays receive: Francisco Lindor 

Indians receive: Shortstop Wander Franco, Outfielder Avisail Garcia, Pitcher Matthew Liberatore and outfielder Garrett Whitley. 

The Tampa Bay Rays are the best trade partners for the Indians. The Rays play in a different division, have a ton of young prospects, and they are in win now mode. The Rays are telling the MLB world that they are here and they are not going anywhere. The one things the Rays are missing is a Superstar, a leader who has been to playoffs and who knows how to win. This is perfect for the Indians, they can get prospects and a solid utility player with some pitching for one the best players in baseball. The only bad thing about this trade is that the Rays might not hav ethe money to re-sign Lindor to the contract extension he wants.