Raptors vs Warriors Game 3 Reaction

Last night the Toronto Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors 123 to 109, to take a 2-1 series lead. I was surprised but not surprised with the game.

Last night within an hour before the game news broke out that the Warriors guard Klay Thompson was not going to play. So, everyone picked the Raptors to win the game.

The biggest surpise last night was Raptors guard Kyle Lowry. Lowry had an incredible game with 23 points, 9 assists and 4 rebounds. Lowry has had his struggles in the first two games of this series but it looks like he might have found his mojo.

The rest of the Raptors team also played extremely well. Kawhi did what always does score, play great defense and found open guys. Danny Green going 6-10 from three, Pascal Siakam nearly had a triple double and Marc Gasol even had 17 points.

rap Photo is from: https://www.newsday.com/sports/basketball/warriors-raptors-nba-finals-game-3-pictures-1.32035449

This was a a huge win for the Raptors, no team has every had this kind of a shooting night against the Warriors in the last five years. But what a heart breaking lost for the Warriors.

Steph Curry knows how LeBron James felt last year in the Finals against him. Curry scored the second most points in a Finals lost with 47 points, the most points belong to LeBron James who scored 51 last year in game one.

Steph Curry was unreal it was like he couldn’t miss a shot no matter where he shot from. He led the Warriors in points, assist and rebounds. Curry arguably had the best game of his career but it will be highlighted as a lost.

The rest of the Warriors did not help Curry what so ever, only two other players scored more than 10 points for the Warriors the rest of the team went missing. A big reason why is because of all the injuries they have right now as a team.

I do think with the way that game went I do believe both Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant will play in game 4 so they can tie the series.