Warriors vs Raptors Game 5 Reaction

Last night the Golden State Warriors beat the Toronto Raptors 106 to 105 to take series back to Golden State for a game 6.

I could last night I was shocked but not shocked. I wasn’t shocked that Kevin Durant that played, I was shocked on how effective he was. Before he left the game last night with an injury it looked like the Warriors were going to blowout the Raptors in Toronto.

Durant got 11 points in 12 minutes. The Warriors looked a more determined when Durant was on the floor. But unfortunately Durant did leave the game with an apparent Achilles injury, once he left the game the Warriors changed.

The Warriors looked deflated, they keep committing fouls at key moments of the game. They keep shooting themselves in the foot just as soon as we all feel they were going to go on a run that would end the game.

Last night Steph Curry was on fire in the first half by scoring 23 points, then went ice cold in the second half by only scoring 8 points. He missed so many shots in the 4th quarter that could have help the Warriors.

The best thing that happen to the Warriors last night was that they final let Klay Thompson close the game instead of Curry. Klay Thompson was amazing in the second half he made shots when they need it most which was in the last five minutes of the game. He even made the game winning shot.

The Toronto Raptors had a GOLDEN chance to win the game. They were up 6 points with TWO MINUTES LEFT. Then Raptors head coach Nick Nurse called a timeout. I had no problem with the timeout because the players looked extremely tired.

Nurse wanted he players to get a little bit rest so they can close the game and end the series but that did not happen. This not the first time we have seen this happen. Nurse calling that timeout did not cost them the game.

What cost the Raptors the game was there awful shooting from three. They kept on forcing three’s the entire game knowing they were not making them. The Raptors should have focused on drawing on fouls to get to the free throw line instead of jacking up three’s.

The Raptors need to make adjustments fast because they are now going back to Golden State with the Warriors having more motivation than ever to win this series.

Going into game 6 I’m giving the advantage to the Warriors because it will be the last game at the Oracle ever, Kevin Durant risk his career for them and the whole world is rooting against them. The Warriors have nothing to lose form this point on.