Raptors vs Warriors Game 6 Reaction

It’s over the Toronto Raptors are NBA Champions. Last night the Toronto Raptors beat the 2-time defending champions Golden State Warriors 114 to 110 to win the series 4 to 2.

Last night was one of the best Final’s games I have ever seen. Both teams went back and forth, just you think one team was going to go a run the other team would come right back and score.

The Toronto Raptors were excellent last night. They had four players who scored over 20 points last night, that is incredibly hard for any team to do. When you have four players who score over 20 points there is a good chance you will win the game.

The biggest factor last night were the two point guards, Kyle Lowry and Fred VanVleet. They combine for 48 points. Kyle Lowry had the 1st quarter and VanVleet had the 4th quarter. That point guard duo were incredible no Warrior defender was able to stop them last night.

Then Kwahi Leonard, he had good game not a great game but a good game. Kawhi helped the Raptors mostly on defense, he was getting blocks, forcing missed shots and got key rebounds. Kawhi showed last night he does not have to score every point for the Raptors to win.

Now for the Warriors, this was tuff because they were right there until the very end. The biggest blow in that game was the injury to Klay Thompson in the 3rd quarter. Later, finding out that he actually tore his ACL. I do believe if Thompson did not leave the game with an injury the Warriors would have won.

Thompson was on fire last night, he made 8 out of 12 shots from the field to score 30 points. Once he suffered the injury, hearing what he was doing in the hall way to see if he could come back in the game was sad to hear knowing how bad he wanted to play.

The second biggest thing I saw last night was Steph Curry, just like in the past playoffs game Curry came up short AGAIN. He missed the biggest shot of the game which should not shock anyone. Curry had never made a shot like that in a moment like that. Curry cost his team a title.

The Warriors came up short in a lot of moments in this series which cost them the series.

Overall Congrats to the Toronto Raptors.