Why The Warriors LOST The Finals

Wow I did not see this coming, I thought the Golden State Warriors were going to win Finals even without Kevin Durant. But they didn’t, there are a ton of big reasons why the Warriors lost the series but these are the biggest reasons.

3. The Bench

The Golden State Warriors bench was awful in this series. They barely made any contribution towards any win for the Warriors in this series. When the bench was needed in any game of this series they all disappeared. You can not win if you do not have a players who can step up for your team when your team is suffering from injuries.

Shawn Livingston, Quinn Cook and others came up so short especially in game 6. They combined for less than 13 points if you put DeMarcus Cousins in the starting lineup. If the Warriors want to win another title they need to improve that bench. They need to find some guys who can score or play really good defense.

kerr Photo is from: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nba/steve-kerr-expresses-concern-over-kd-klay-thompson-injuries-its-just-brutal/ar-AACRhlY

2.Steve Kerr

To me Warriors Head Coach deserves a good share of the blame. Kerr did a horrible job when it came to adjustments, when you have players injured it is your job to make sure the guys who are on your bench are ready to play no matter what the circumstances are.

Going into this series he should have prepaid this team to play without Kevin Durant. This team played like they thought Kevin Durant was going to save them when he comes back in this series. That was stupid, Kerr should have known better than to rely on one guy to save your team. Another thing Kerr failed to do was making adjustments on defense. The Warriors played the same defense every game.

If they would have changed their defense they might have won this series. Kerr was abig reason why the Warriors lost this series but he is not the biggest reason.

stcur.jpg Photo is from: https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/06/steph-curry-miss-3-video-game-6-reaction-clutch-twitter-tweets-nba-fans-finals

1.Steph Curry

The biggest reason why the Warriors lost the Finals is because of “The Man” Steph Curry. He came up short AGAIN in the biggest moments of the Finals. When it comes to last second shot to win the game he is 0 for 8 in his career which the worst in the NBA in the last 20 years.

Curry was great in the 1st half of every game in the Finals, when it came to the second half in every game he crumbled like a cookie. I have never seen a superstar crumble like Curry has. Plus the amount of turnover he committed every game, he would try these silly passes that just looked stupid. Now the whole world knows he is not the guy you want to take the last shot or have the ball in his hands because he will mess it up.

Steph Curry cost his team a title.