Anthony Davis Trade Reaction

Yesterday the New Orleans Pelicans and Los Angeles Lakers agreed on a trade for Center Anthony Davis.

The details of the deal are that the Lakers receive Anthony Davis, the Pelicans receive guards Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, forward Brandon Ingram and 3 first round picks.

The winner of this trade is the Pelicans. They got the better end of the deal, now they have a point guard who can facilitate the ball around, a solid scorer and good bench player.

Plus the 3 first round picks, one of them is the 4th overall pick in this year draft. The Pelicans now have 2 picks in the top 5 which is huge they can get 2 starters to fill out their starting lineup.

I think the Pelicans will be serious contenders for an NBA Title in 2 years once all of their players learn how to play with each other.

The Lakers are the losers of this trade because this limits them on depth. Yes, they got one of the best duos in the league but they both can’t play 48 minutes a night.

We have seen in the NBA if you a depth on your team you can win a title. With a lack of depth I do not think the Lakers will make it far in the playoffs.

I felt the move the Lakers should have done this offseason was to sign Klay Thompson then spread out the rest of their money om players to improve their bench instead of trading for Anthony Davis.

This could be a great trade for the Lakers only if they win a title before LeBron contract expires. If not then this trade was a waste.