Edwin Encarnacion to Yankees Reaction

Yesterday the New York Yankees made a stupid move. The New York Yankees agreed on a trade with the Seattle Mariners for Edwin Encarnacion.

The Yankees will regret this decision. Yes, Encarnacion can hit a lot of home runs but he doesn’t hit for average. Encarnacion is batting .241 with 21 home runs and 49 RBI’s.

The Yankees are going to get guys back from injury really soon, they didn’t need to make this trade for a hitter when two of their power hitters are coming back with in a matter of days.

Now the Yankees have to trade some of their other players now because once they healthy they won’t have any room for guys like Clint Frazier, Brett Gardner and others.

The Yankees biggest weakness is starting pitching and their MANGER. Aaron Boone is hands down the worst Manger in all of MLB.

Looks at way the team plays they not motivated at all, they look like they are playing only for the money. Plus Boone dose not know how to use the bullpens at all.

The Yankees bullpen looks beatable most nights now because Boone is using the guys for 3 to 4 games in a row without rest.

The Yankees should have made a trade for a starting pitcher instead of hitter who can’t hit for average. The Yankees have enough power hitters already. This trade was a stupid move.