NBA Free Agency Predictions

This is the most anticipated free agency in the NBA in the last 10 years Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and Kyrie Irving. Their are so many teams this offseason who can sign two max contracts which makes it an even playing field.

Here are my predictions for the top free agents this offseason.

Jimmy Butler: Brooklyn Nets

The Nets are an up-and-coming team that are looking for stars. Jimmy Butler is not the biggest star but he is a star. Butler will make more of impact with the Nets than with the Philadelphia 76ers. The 76ers only have a window for about four more years before they have to pay center Joel Embiid and point guard Ben Simmons. The Nets will have a window for 6 years because the majority of their rosters is still under their rookie contracts. If Butler signs with the Nets he can recruit one of the big stars to join him because of the cap room the Nets have.

Kemba Walker- Boston Celtics

This might be the most underrated superstar in all of the NBA. Kemba Walker can make a huge impact on any team that is looking to win now. Will that happen with the Boston Celtics? I don’t think so. The Celtics are going to lose a lot of pieces this summer that can really hurt their team. Kemba might be a better leader than Kyrie, but I do not think he is a better player Kyrie. The Celtics do need a point guard but they need one that can play lockdown defense in key moments. I see Kemba going to Celtics because they feel like they need a superstar.

Klay Thompson- Golden State Warriors

I do not think Klay Thompson will leave the Golden State Warriors. The biggest reason is because of the Los Angeles Lakers trade for Anthony Davis. If the Lakers did not make that trade, I do believe the Lakers would have signed Klay Thompson. But with the way the Finals ended too, I think Klay Thompson will come back with vengeance to show the world he is worth the Max Contract the Warriors are going to offer him.

Kyrie Irving- Brooklyn Nets

I’m 85 percent sure Irving will sign with the Nets because the Nets have made it known that they are trying to trade point guard D’Angelo Russell. This is a clear sign the Nets do have the intention of signing Irving to a max contract. Irving is from New York and is looking to get paid. Both the Knicks and Nets have the money to spend but when you look at the rosters the Nets clearly have the better team. If Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler sign with the Brooklyn Nets, the Nets would become contenders to win the NBA title.

Kawhi Leonard- Los Angeles Clippers

Everyone has been speculating about where is Kawhi Leonard going to sign. Some say he is going to the Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets or even stay with the Raptors. But Kawhi has expressed before that he wants to be in LA but not the Lakers. So, I do believe he will join the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers are a team on the rise that need a superstar to get over the hump. The Clippers have the money and the team that could convince Kawhi to sign a max deal early in free agency.

Kevin Durant- New York Knicks

Earlier this year Kevin Durant mentioned in a interview with The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson II back in October of 2018 “I am thinking about the money I’m going to get. I never got the (massive) deal. I’ve just seen a bunch of dudes around the league making so much money—and I’m happy for them. But I know I deserve that, too. That’s the only thing I’m probably thinking about, to be honest.”

That quote showed he wants to get paid. The New York Knicks are the perfect match for him. They have the money to sign him to the deal he wants and some of the investments Kevin Durant has made in the past years are located in New York. Plus if Kevin Durant wins a title with the Knicks everyone will give him the credit he wants because Durant did not receive any credit at all for helping the Warriors win back-to-back titles. He want to prove to everyone he can win without a “Super Team.”