Top 5 Chris Paul Trade Packages

Reports came out yesterday that Houston Rockets guards James Harden and Chris Paul are feuding. Also, that Chris Paul requested a trade because the relationship between them is “unsalvageable.”

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I do beleive the Rockets will trade Chris Paul because James Harden is younger, better scorer and the face of the team.

These trades are based off money and how much salary cap each team can take.

5.Chicago Bulls

Rockets receive: Guard Kris Dunn, Guard Denzel Valentine, Forward Otto Potter Jr.

Bulls receive: Chris Paul

The Chicago Bulls can intake Chris Paul contract which is good for the Rockets, but they won’t be much talent back. The only thing they would get back is depth. The Rockets do not need depth, they need a guy who can score when James Harden is on the bench getting a rest.

4. Charlotte Hornets

Rockets receive: Forward Nick Batum, Center Cody Zeller

Hornets receive: Chris Paul

The Charlotte Hornets might the team that the Rockets might trade with because, their is a good chance that guard Kemba Walker will leave in free agency. So, the Hornets will need a point guard. This trade work well for Rockets because they can get rid of Chris Paul contract and they will add depth at center and get a solid shooter.

3. Minnesota Timberwolves

Rockets receive: Forward Andrew Wiggins, Forward Robert Covington

Timberwolves receive: Chris Paul

This trade can either work really well for the Rockets or really bad. The Timberwolves trade also seems unlikely, because I do not think the Timberwolves will give up two young players for a old point guard who is going to cost 35 million alone. But if the Rockets can convince the Timberwolves to accept this trade the Rockets will get extremely better when it comes to their starting lineup.

2. San Antonio Spurs

Rockets receive: Guard Patty Mills, Guard Lonnie Walker IV, Center LaMarcus Aldridge

Spurs receive: Chris Paul

I actually think the trade with the Spurs is more likely than most people think. The Spurs want to get rid of Aldridge because he has not turned out to be the star they thought he would be once he signed with San Antonio. From afar it also looks like that Aldridge wants out too. So, this trade can work for both teams but the Spurs will have to give up most so the salaries can match.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers

Rockets receive: Forward Kevin Love, Guard Jordan Clarkson

Cavaliers receive: Chris Paul

This is the trade the Rockets should push for at all cost. The Cavaliers are not going to good for a while now and the best thing for them is to tank for draft picks and free up as much money as possible. If the Cavs can get rid of Kevin Love and Jordan Clarkson they can be speed up the tanking process. The only bad thing is that they will still have Chris Paul contract to deal with for a while.

If this trade happens the Rockets would be favorites again to win the title because their depth on their bench will get better and their starting lineup will someone who can score and shoot the three.