NBA Draft Winners and Losers

With the NBA Draft officially over this weekend players are going to their teams now preparing for the summer league, here are the winners and losers of the draft.

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Cleveland Cavaliers: 

The Cavaliers did not make nosie in the regular season but they might now. The Cavs selected guard Darius Garland, guard/ forward Kevin Porter Jr. and guard Dylan Windler. I like this draft a lot for the Cavs, they knew their weakness was scoring and they address it.

Windler was know for his scoring ability from Belmont University and Garland is know for his ability to create shots for others. Porter Jr. is the wild card of this draft. I think he will be a star in this league, he has shown the world so many flashes during his time at USC. This core of players could help the Cavs go back to the playoffs next year if they pan out.

New Orleans Pelicans 

Beside getting Zion Williamson, the Pelicans had a great draft overall. They took advantage of all the picks the Los Angeles Lakers gave them in the Anthony Davis trade. The Pelicans traded some of those picks for center Jaxson Hayes and guard/forward Nickeil Alexander-Walker. 

The Pelicans filled out their starting lineup with this draft class. They can have  Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Jrue Holiday, Zion Williamson and Jaxson Hayes as their starting lineup. This can be a very scary team in couple of years, because they need to learn how to play with other. Once that happens the NBA is in trouble.

Atlanta Hawks  

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To me the Atlanta Hawks had the best draft overall. They first made a trade with the Pelicans for De’Andre Hunter and then drafted Cam Reddish with the 10th overall pick. So in reality the Hawks traded Jaxson Hayes (8th pick overall) and Nickeil Alexander-Walker  (17th pick overall) for Hunter (4th overall pick) and Reddish (10th overall pick).

With the additions of Hunter and Reddish the Hawks look like a team that can make some serious noise next year. Last season Trae Young should the world he is the real deal, now he is going to have help with Hunter in the paint and Reddish with his outside shooting. The Hawks are now a team that people can take seriously now.


Boston Celtics 

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The Celtics came into this offseason with so much ammo in their pocket, everyone thought they were going to make one of the biggest moves in the draft. But they didn’t use any of it, which cost them. The Celtics organization needs to take a good long hard look in the mirror to see why things have turned out like this. They needed to address the point guard, center and power forward position which they did not.

The Celtics should have taken the risk by trading most of their assets to the Pelicans for Anthony Davis because now they are left with nothing. All they have is Jason Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Gordon Hayward instead of Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis and Jason Tatum. The Celtics biggest mistake was not taking any risk before and during the draft to make their team better.

Phoenix Suns 

I was just amaze what with Suns draft class. They came into this draft with the sixth overall pick and then they traded it for Cameron Johnson (11th overall pick). Johnson is a good player but he is not worth a lottery pick. The Suns should have drafted Coby White because they needed to address the point guard situation which is still the biggest weakness on their team after the draft.

If the Suns want Devin Booker to really burst out of his shell as a player they need to get him a point guard who can score and pass the ball. White brings that to the table, but the Suns said NO. Then to make matters worse they traded for another shooting guard Ty Jerome who is shooter, not a passer. I felt the Suns could have been one of the biggest winners but they turned out to be one of the biggest if not the biggest LOSERS in the draft.