Top 5 Landing Spots for Kevin Durant

NBA free agency is right around the corner and the biggest name going into free agency is Kevin Durant.

Everyone is aksing where is he going to go. Is he going to New York? Or the Brooklyn Nets? Or even the Clippers? No one knows yet. But here are top 5 landing spots for Kevin Durant.

5. Golden State Warriors

The Warriors are top landing spot for Durant because he did get some of the validation he wanted during Finals of last season. When Durant played (only 11 minutes) during The Finals the Warriors looked unbeatable, when he didn’t play they looked lost.

The what is holding the Warriors back the money, the might just resign Klay Thompson and use the rest of their money to improve their bench instead because what hurt the Warriors the most this season was depth. If Durant chooses to sign with them he better expect to have the best supporting cats on the bench.

4. New York Knicks 

The reason why the Knicks are a top landing spot for Durant is because of the MONEY. Durant is going to get a “Max Contract” wherever he goes. But in endorsements no city compares to New York. New York is the media capital of the world, his endorsements deals would be all over New York, commercials, billboards you name it. Durant won’t be able to make as much money in marketing in any other location.

Plus if Kevin Durant can help the New York Knicks win a title. That would be his biggest accomplishment of all time, people would put in the conversation as one of the best players of all time if he does that. Then he will get the validation he always wanted everyone calling him the best player on the planet instead of a “tag along.”

3. Los Angeles Lakers 

The Lakers are right in it for Durant, people might not think it but they are. Durant is thinking about teaming up with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. If he does join them that is automatic three NBA championships right there. Then Durant can learn from LeBron James on how to embrace the media because over the past three years Durant and the media have not gotten along at all.

Durant also might not join the Lakers because of the saying “if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best.” No one will ever give him the validation he wants if he joins LeBron James and the Lakers.

2. Los Angeles Clippers 

The Clippers are the wild card out of all these teams because they have made it know they are going to go all in for free agent Kawhi Leonard. But the Clipper have enough cap room to sign two max players. So, if they sign Leonard they will still have enough money to sign Durant. That is boost for Durant, he knows he can get the money he wants with team that has a great bench, coach and front office.

Plus Durant knows if he and Kawhi Leonard sign with the Clippers everyone will say it is Durant’s team. He will have the spot light on him because Kawhi has made it know that he does not want the spotlight. I know he is also thinking of how great of duo that can be if he joins Kawhi Leonard in Los Angeles.

1.Brooklyn Nets 

Over the past few weeks the Brooklyn Nets went from a team that did not have chance to sign Durant to probably the favorites to sign him. Rumors have gone around that All-Star Kyrie Irving and the Nets are a done deal meaning he will sign with the Nets once free agency starts. Also, that Kyrie is recruiting Durant extremely hard to join forces with him in Brooklyn.

I like Brooklyn’s chances because they have up-and-coming team that is a superstar or two away from being contenders for an NBA title. They have a good coach, nice bench, and a solid starting lineup. If you add Kyire Irving and Kevin Durant on that team they will favorites to win the title. Also, Brooklyn is in New York so Durant can still make the money in marketing if he joins the Nets who are a better team than the Knicks.  Durant gets his money and has a great team around him that can win.