Jimmy Butler to Miami Heat Reaction

The Miami Heat got their guy. For years the Miami Heat have been looking  for “the man” who will be the face of the team when Dwyane Wade retires. That happened yesterday when the Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat agreed on a sign-and-trade for All-Star Jimmy Butler.

jimmy Photo is from: https://www.chatsports.com/miami-heat/a/source/miami-heat-sign-and-trade-for-jimmy-butler-from-the-76ers-15396864

As a Heat fan was so ecstatic to hear that the Heat finally got a guy who they can trust night-in and night-out. Not to say anyone on Heat roster was not good, the Heat had and still have some good players but none of them are Jimmy Butler good.

Jimmy Butler is the kind of guy the Heat need in their locker room. He is not afraid to get in anyone face and tell them they are wrong. He will got all out in practice and show all these young players what it is like to play against an All-Star.

Sometimes the best way to be a leader is leading by example and be very blunt with the players who are hurting the team. Butler did that in Minnesota and in Philly. Its just the players he dealt with already have all star status.

Not many players on the Heat roster have ever been an All-Star so I do believe Butler will motivate all young players to grow as players.

Plus now the Heat have a closer. For the past decade the only closer the Heat had was Wade. Coming into this offseason the Heat needed to address scoring, and a closer. They address both of those problems with Butler.

Butler is not afraid to go toe-to-toe with anyone in the league. Also, he wants all the pressure in the end to make that shoot to win the game, every team wants a guy like that.

This was a good move for the Heat, because they were in desperate for a star and one they got one.