Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to the Brooklyn Nets Reaction

WOW. New York has officially been taken over by the Brooklyn Nets. Man the Brooklyn Nets had a great free agency.

The Brooklyn Nets agreed to terms with free agents Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and DeAndre Jordan.

I was in shock once I saw there deals. I expected Kyrie to get his 141 million dollar. But I did not expect Kevin Durant to get 164 million dollars. I did not know his contract could be that big.

Once I heard the deals for both Irving and Durant I expect DeAndre Jordan to get a small contract. But he got a pretty nice contract, 4-years for 40 million thanks to Kevin and Kyrie taking a pay cut.


The Nets are now contenders and should be one of the favorites to win the NBA title for the next 4 years. Will they win is a different question.

The Nets had good team before Durant and Irving joined, now they have a great team. I do think they can win a title with the roster they have now, because they have all the pieces now.

They now have point guard who can score at will and an unstoppable forward with a very good bench. The only thing the Nets need is consistent center play. DeAndre Jordan is a good player but he needs to be consistent

What can stop them from winning a title is the personalities on the team and the media. the Nets have a lot guys who have big personalities which can hurt them more especially with the New York media making story lines everyday about them.

If they media gets in their head they will not win a title because they have the 2 most thinned-skinned superstars. Kevin Durant and Kyrie have shown the media is not their friend. Sometimes the media has affected their play but it might affect their friendship.

But the Nets do not have to worry about this until one year from now. But they are now the team of New York. Great times for Brooklyn Nets fans.