Top 5 Trade Packages for Russell Westbrook

With Paul George being traded to the Los Angeles Clippers rumors have gone around, that the Oklahoma City Thunder might trade point guard Russell Westbrook.

This could be a huge opening for any team that is looking to win now. Westbrook is one of the best point guards in all of the NBA. The only thing bad about him is his contract.

So, here are the best trades for Russell Westbrook (these trades are based off of money and years left on contracts).

5. Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavaliers receive: Russell Westbrook

Thunder receive: Guard JR Smith, Center Tristian Thompson

The Cavaliers might not be in contention for an NBA title but they have a lot of expiring contracts which could convince the Thunder to do a deal with the Cavs. The Thunder can open up some cap space which could help improve theri team next offseason.

The Cavs on the other hand could can make a go for the title with Westbrook. But the only thing that will hold them back is their bench. I do not think Westbrook and Love can win a title together.

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4. Dallas Mavericks

Mavericks receive: Russell Westbrook

Thunder receive: Guard Tim Hardway Jr., Guard Courtney Lee

If I were the Dallas Mavericks front office this would be the trade I would try to get done as soon as possible. The Mavericks have shown tremendous progress ever since Luka Doncic showed up. If you can pair Westbrook with Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis. WOW.

The Mavericks will have a great shot to win the NBA title next year because they will finally fill the point void that has been over their head for years.

The good thing about this trade for the Thunder is that they will still be getting expiring contracts that will free up cap space next year.

3. San Antonio Spurs

Spurs receive: Russell Westbrook

Thunder receive: Center LaMarcus Aldridge, Guard Patty Mills

This is the trade I least likely see happening because this only benefits one team. The only team benefiting from this trade is the Thunder. They get two veterans on expiring contracts.

This trade could either be great or a disaster for the Spurs. They can make one last push for a title with Head Coach Gregg Popovich if they get Westbrook. But I do not see it happening because of Westbrook style of play. Pop likes point guards who won’t talk back to him.

2. Miami Heat

Heat receive: Russell Westbrook

Thunder receive: Guard Goran Dragic, Guard Dion Waiters

I truly do believe this trade can happen. The Heat are showing that they are in win now mode. If the Heat can pair Jimmy Butler and Russell Westbrook they have a really good shot at representing the East in the NBA Finals..

This trade also works well for the Thunder too because they will get a point guard with one year left on his contract and they would get a primary scorer in Waiters. Waiters can work as primary scorer on the Thunder because of the lack of shooting on that roster.

1.Houston Rockets

Rockets receive: Russell Wetbrook

Thunder receive: Guard Chris Paul

This is the best possibly trade for the Thunder and the Rockets. The Thunder are showing they are in rebuild mode. The Rockets are still in win-now mode but they have not made any improvements to their roster at all this summer.

Both Chris Paul and Westbrook have similar contracts so the trade does work if the two teams were just to swap point guards. Westbrook and Harden are a match made in heaven.

Some of you might not believe it but it is true. They are close friends and they have played together before so they now how to feed off each other which makes them more dangerous if they were to play together again.