Winners and Losers of NBA Free Agency

WOW is all I can say is about NBA Free Agency. I have never seen this type of offseason in my life. I can now say about 10 to 15 teams have a shot at winning the NBA title next year because of all the moves that happen this week.

Some teams made great moves, others made terrible moves. Here are the Winners and Losers of Free Agency.


New York Knicks

The Knicks might be the biggest losers of NBA free agency. Months ago a lot of people including me thought the Knicks were going to sign Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. But they didn’t. What makes it worse is that they did get any other superstar, not even a interview with any superstar. so, they ended up with Julius Randle and some other nice pieces. The Knicks did get better as a team but they did not the guys they expected to get before free agency started.

Boston Celtics

The Celtics had a horrible free agency. Yes, they signed Kemba Walker. Walker is good player but he is not Kyrie Irving. The Celtics lost Kyire Irving, Al Horford and Terry Rozier in a span of 24 hours. The worst part all of those players are still in the same conference Kyrie is in Brooklyn, Horford is in Philly, and Rozier went to Charlotte. The Celtics did not address the issue of their team which is Gordon Hayward. The Celtics should have traded Hayward because last year that same team was on a roll with Kyrie leading them. The Celtics shot themselves in the foot.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks are not big losers because they were able to keep most of their core, but they did over pay Khris Middleton. I get that he was big reason why they had success but is he really worth a max contract. The Bucks are going to pay 30 million or more  for a guy who averaged 18 points a game. He is not Jimmy Butler or Kyrie Irving who are going to paid almost the same as Khris Middleton. I like Middleton but his contract made the Bucks losers.


Philadelphia 76ers

I love what the 76ers did in free agency. The 76ers might have lost Jimmy Butler but they gained Al Horford, Josh Richardson and were also able to maintain Tobais Harris. The 76ers starting lineup now is Simmons, Richardson, Harris, Horford, Embiid. That is a

With theses moves I do believe the 76ers can win an NBA Championship. They have size, speed, shooting and defense. The 76ers might be most complete starting lineup in the NBA they only thing they need to address by the end of the offseason is their bench which they can fix easily with league minimum contracts.


Brooklyn Nets

The Nets are the second biggest winners because they signed two of three biggest free agents in the market. They replace DiAngelo Russell for Kyrie Irving and whoever for KD. With those additions the Nets are now one of the favorites to win the Finals for the next four years.

The Nets showed promise last year with their core, now add these two superstars. They can cause some serious damage. Even though they will not have Kevin Durant for one year they will still have a a shot to win the East this year with Kyrie Irving.

Just imagine when this team gets a healthy Kevin Durant. They will look unstoppable. The Nets had a nice last year and now they just got a whole lot better.


Los Angeles Clippers 

With the moves made on last Saturday morning (7/6/2019) the Los Angeles Clippers hands down had the best free agency out of all the teams in the NBA. By getting Kawhi Leonard and Paul George the Clippers became the favorites to win the NBA title in a matter on seconds.

Adding two of best two-way-players on basketball is a huge plus for the Clippers because they were in need for a star. Now they have two of biggest stars from last season. The best part of the free agency period for the Clippers was that they were able to keep most of their young core.

By keeping their core the Clippers set themselves up to win multiple titles if everything goes right.