Top 5 Trade Targets for the Yankees

The MLB trade deadline is right around the corner. The New York Yankees are currently in first place but we all now the trade deadline is very important. The Yankees have shown some weakness during first half.

The biggest weakness they have is the same weakness they have shown the last three years which is starting pitching. The next biggest weakness they have is their bullpen; their bullpen has looked fatigue going into the all-star break. Here are the top 5 trade targets for the Yankees going into the trade deadline.

5. Will Smith, RP

The Yankees bullpen has been great this year as expected but they can only pitch so many innings. Aaron Boone has been using the same pitchers out of bullpen because of the lack of trust he has in the young pitchers. Will Smith can change that a little bit.

Smith eat up innings which will a plus for Adam Ottavino, Chad Green, Zach Britton and more. If the Yankees add Smith the bullpen might not be worn out by the playoffs. If the Yankees go into playoffs with a bullpen that is not worn out they can win it all.

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4. Shane Greene, RP

Shane Green should be the Yankees number one target for relief pitchers. Shane Greene has been light out this year. Greene has saved 22 out of 23 games which is really good. The way the Yankees can use Greene is by switching with Chapman every night so they both of them  do not get heavy work load.

We have seen some of the best closers in baseball crumble in the playoffs because their workload during the regualr season. If the Yankees can save Chapman for the playoffs with a Shane Greene, talk about lights out in the playoffs. All the games will be over after the 7th inning.

3. Zack Wheeler, SP

I put Zack Wheeler on this list because the Yankees have expressed a ton of interest in him. Wheeler has pitched this year than his lats couple of years. He has pitched 119 innings which is really good (6th in all of the MLB)  but he has a 4.69 ERA (Earn Runs Allowed).

The only reason why the Yankees should target Wheeler is so he can eat up innings. Wheeler has shown in the past when he is healthy he has the ability to pitch 200 innings, that is huge plus. The Yankees need a starting pitch they can rely on to pitch at least six to seven innings every night they take the mound.

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2. Marcus Stroman, SP

Stroman has been one of the most underrated pitchers in all of baseball. Stroman has shown when he is healthy can pitch over 200 innings with an ERA a little over three. The Yankees thought they had that with Luis Severino but the Yankees do not know when they are going to get him back form his injury.

Stroman is a great fit for the Yankees because he has shown he can pitch in the biggest games. The biggest example was in the World Baseball Classic. In the Championship game Stroman shutdown the loaded Puerto Rico team. Stroman has shown he is not afraid of the moment and that is what the Yankees need. The Yankees need a pitcher who is going to say give me the ball.

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1.Trevor Bauer, SP

The biggest trade target the Yankees should go after for is Trevor Bauer. Bauer has been unreal over the last year and a half. This year he is first in innings pitched (132 innings) with an ERA of 3.61. Bauer has shown he can be an ace. The Indians should trade Bauer because they are a low revenue team and there is good chance he will leave after next year because he will want his money.

Bauer has averaged seven innings per start this year which is what makes him so valuable. If the Yankees can get their hands on Bauer they will have an ace they trust going into the playoffs that has the ability to pitch seven innings while giving up maybe 3 runs.  With the offense the Yankees have they win a lot more games if Trevor Bauer is in their rotation