Top Trade Packages for Melvin Gordon

News broke earlier today that Los Angeles Chargers running back Melvin Gordon told the Chargers front office that he wants to get paid and if they don’t he wants to be traded.

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Melvin Gordon is a very good running back but will Chargers pay him knowing they have pay the rest of their defense. I don’t think Gordon will get paid by the Chargers. Here are the best trade packages for Melvin Gordon.

5. Washington Redskins 

Redskins receive: Melvin Gordon RB

Chargers receive: Bryce Love RB, Samaje Perine RB, 2020 4th round pick

People might not think Washington needs a running back, but why do they have seven running backs on their roster. The amount of running backs they have on their roster tells us they are not sure about any of them.

If Washington wants to get over the hump and make sure their rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins develops they need to get him a running back they can rely on, so, he does not feel all the pressure on him so early.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Buccaneers receive: Melvin Gordon RB, 2020 3rd round pick

Chargers receive: Chris Godwin WR, 2020 3rd round pick, 2021 5th round pick

We all know the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been looking for a running back for years. If they can get Melvin Gordon, the Buccaneers might have the most complete offense in all of football. Melvin Gordon, Mike Evans, and OJ Howard as weapons for Jamies Winston. That is a scary offense.

This package works well for Chargers because they need another wide receiver on their roster, because most of their plays involve rotating receivers. If the Chargers add Godwin they can just as good as they were last year.

3. Kansas City Chiefs  

Chiefs receive: Melvin Gordon RB, 2020 5th round pick

Chargers receive: Damien Williams RB, Xavier Williams DT, 2020 3rd round pick

The Kansas City Chiefs need to make this trade happen. If they want to make a run to the Super Bowl they need to get a running back they now who will make plays. We all saw last year what the Chiefs did when Kareem Hunt was on the field. They were unstoppable.

The Chargers should also be pursing this trade because they now they won’t be able to re-sign their whole defense. If they can add some depth before the start of the season that would be great.

2.Dallas Cowboys 

Cowboys receive: Melvin Gordon RB, 5th round pick 2020

Chargers receive: Ezekiel Elliott RB, 3rd round pick 2020

People might not think this trade will happen, but I wouldn’t count the Cowboys out. Yes, Zeke is a top 5 running back in the NFL. But, he is always getting into trouble. The Cowboys are always seeing Zeke on the news, when Zeke wants a contract extension.

If the Cowboys get Gordon they will not have worry about giving him an extension because he never gets into trouble. A lot of Cowboys fans might not like move but if you are going to pay a running back; pay one who will most likely be on the field.

1. Philadelphia Eagles  

Eagles receive: Melvin Gordon RB, 2021 3rd round pick

Chargers receive: Jordan Howard RB, Tim Jernigan DT, 2020 5th round pick

If I was in the Chargers front office right now, I would take this deal in a heart beat. The Chargers would be getting running back that run between that get those tough yards and a depth at a defensive tackle. That is a heck of deal for the Chargers.

The Eagles should pursue Melvin Gordon because they struggled to run the ball like crazy last season. We have seen in the past if the Eagles can run the ball they can win the Super Bowl. They have such a well balance team they can win it all if they get Melvin Gordon.