Top 5 Trade packages for Michael Thomas

With NFL training camps starting we are seeing the same thing this year. We have seen in the past superstars hold out for a new contract. This year we might see the biggest holdouts ever. One of them might be New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas.

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The Saints have made it public they are willing to make Thomas the highest paid receiver in football. But, the Saints have been known for not paying wide receivers. They have traded almost every good receiver they had because they never wanted to pay them.

Here are the top 5 trade package for the All-Pro wide out.

5. Miami Dolphins 

Dolphins receive: WR Michael Thomas, 2019 6th round pick

Saints receive: WR Albert Wilson, SS TJ McDonald, 2019 1st round pick

This trade might be more likely than people think. The Dolphins have nice pieces on their roster lock up for the next couple of seasons. If the Saints can get at least two of them I do believe this trade can happen.

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4. Buffalo Bills 

Bills receive: WR Michael Thomas, 2019 7th round pick

Saints receive: WR John Brown, OT Cory Ford, 2019 2nd round pick

The Bill might be most unlikely team out of all of the suitors because they do not have a lot to offer the Saints. But, if the Saints were to trade Thomas, they most likely want him out of the NFC.

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3. San Francisco 49ers 

49ers receive: WR Michael Thomas

Saints receive: WR Marquise Goodwin, RB Jerick McKinnon, 2019 2nd round pick

If I were in the Saints front office I would try to get as much out of the 49ers as possible. The 49ers have made it clear that they want a number one receiver. Thomas would fit that role perfectly. I do believe the Saints can get a lot back in return from the 49ers.

2. Tennessee Titans

Titans receive: WR Michael Thomas

Saints receive: WR AJ Brown, RB Dion Lewis, 2019 1st round pick

People might think the trade is not good for Saints, but if you look at it this trade it is not bad. AJ Brown is a nice young receiver, Lewis a good running back in his prime. The Saints offense might be more deadly if they make this trade happen.

1.Indianapolis Colts 

Colts receive: WR Michael Thomas

Saints receive: WR Parris Campbell, CB Kenny Moore, 2019 1st round pick, 2020 3rd round pick

This is the trade I would be pulling for the Saints to get out of all of them because Indy is the most desperate for a number one receiver. The Saints can get draft picks and young pieces to their team so they can be stronger team all round.