The Best Team in MLB

Is it the Los Angeles Dodgers? The Houston Astros? Or the New York Yankees?  Who is the best team in baseball right now.

With about 50 games left this year before the MLB playoffs there are three teams battling for home field advantage in the MLB playoffs that is the Houston Astros, Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees.

Meaning who ever finishes with the best record gets home field advantage throughout the whole MLB playoffs. (Which is huge for the World Series).

The best team in baseball was the Los Angeles Dodgers for most of the season. The Dodgers were destroying teams left and right. But after the All-Star break their hitting has been on-and-off.

Plus they have been really lucky so far in the second half of the season when it comes to one-run games. The Dodgers are a great team, but they are not the best team in baseball.

A lot of people have also mentioned the New York Yankees, but the Yankees are not best team in baseball because of the lack of starting pitching and the injuries they are suffering at this point in the season with the playoffs right around the corner.

The best team in baseball is Houston Astros. The Astros in my eyes are the most complete team in all of baseball.

Their lineup has speed, power and contact. Just look at the first five batters in their lineup. George Springer, Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, Yorden Alvarez and Carlos Correa. That is hands down the best first five batters in baseball.

The lineup is great but the starting pitching staff is the best in baseball. They have Justin Verlander who is still throwing smoke and is still one of the best pitchers in all of baseball. Then they have Gerrit Cole is who has an 2.87 era this year and has been on another level ever since joining the Astros last year.

Then they got former CY Young Winner Zack Greinke who is 35 years old and is still a top 15 starting pitcher in all of baseball. No team other than the Washington Nationals can match their starting pitching from one to three.

Outside of the starting pitching being the best in baseball, the Astros also have a solid bullpen. The only thing that has hurt their bullpen is injuries. But, if the Astros can get Lance McCullers back before the playoffs he can be of the anchor in the bullpen in the playoffs.

The Houston Astros are the best team in baseball.