How to Win Fantasy Football

Every year more and more people are signing up to play fantasy football. Which football fan does not want to role play as a general manger/coach.

But most people new people who sign up don’t know how to play fantasy football. Which results in them losing early in the season, they struggle right from start because they don’t know what it takes to win in fantasy football. To win in fantasy you need to do a series of things in order to win.

Here are the things you need in order to help you win in fantasy football.

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Create a draft broad 

If you follow the NFL or any sport you known that draft day is a big deal. The one thing all teams have in common that day is that they all have a draft broad. A draft broad is a list of top players they would like to draft.

In this case for fantasy football make a list of your top 10 players at every position. Like list the top quarterbacks you like to draft. One being the player you would like to draft the most and ten as the player you would least like to draft.

Mock Drafts 

Once you sign up for a league you will notice their is a draft day which lets you now what day and time your league will draft. What you should do before your draft day is do some mock drafts. A mock draft is a practice draft.

Mocks drafts are very helpful, they show what pick and round certain players are most likely to get drafted in.

Like, if Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones is the number one receiver on your draft board. You do a mock draft and see he is taken with in the first five picks. Now you know that Julio Jones is most likely is going to be drafted before the sixth overall pick in your draft.

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Look at Schedules 

Once you have your draft broad of players you would like to draft look at their team schedule to see which teams they will play during the season. Lets say that you want to Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey.

You look up the Carolina Panthers schedule to see if they going to face a top rushing defenses. If McCaffrey is going to face seven of the top ten rushing defenses in the NFL, you might want to draft another running back because McCaffrey might have a rough year is he going to facing a lot of good rushing defenses.

You want to find players who have an easy schedule. Lets say, you see that the Baltimore Ravens are going to face six of the seven worst rushing defense in all football. So, you target Ravens running back Mark Ingram because he might be great year rushing the football against those horrible rushing defenses he will be facing all year.

Don’t be Homer 

When it comes time to drafting your team don’t be homer. Meaning don’t be pick players because they are on your favorite team. Like if you are Dallas Cowboys fan don’t pick Dak Prescott when you have the chance to pick Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick MaHomes.

Homers always ruining their chances of winning because they are way to bias to their favorite team. Also, homers don’t pick certain players because they are on rival teams. Like lets say a Cowboys fan says he won’t pick New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley because of the Cowboys vs Giants rivalry.

That is crazy. You pick player in fantasy football that can help you win. You should not pick players because they play for your favorite team.

Stay on top of injuries 

During football season a ton of injuries happen. If you want to win fantasy football you need to make sure you stay on top of all of the injuries on your team. You won’t know if a player is going to play in the game until the day of the game.

So, make sure you have quality back ups that you can rely on if one your starters goes down for the week. The biggest scare for any fantasy owner is that your one of your best if not your best player is out for the season. That is when you need to go on the free agent market to find a replacement.

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Take Risks 

One of the biggest factors in winning fantasy football is taking a risk. Last year the biggest risk I saw was someone drafting Chiefs quarterback Patrick MaHomes in the third round. I was shock when I saw that pick because MaHomes didn’t do anything in the NFL before we drafted.

The person in my league who drafted MaHomes did not win but he took the biggest risk in the drafted and it almost worked. Some times you need to take risk on a player that no one believes in because that player might be the next big star in the NFL.

Make Smart Trades

Usually in fantasy football not many trades happen. But when they do they are usually a one sided trades.

If you are going to make a trade, make sure it’s either you get the most out of the trade or you are filling a void you desperately need. Like if you have four great receivers and one good running back. You should trade at least one of the receivers for a solid running back.

In fantasy football you need to try build the most complete team as possible. Sometimes in the draft you will miss on your draft picks. So, sometimes you might have to make a trade.Trades can help win fantasy football, but they can also help you lose in fantasy football.