The Red Sox are DONE

This year has been a forgetful year for the Boston Red Sox’s. The Sox’s are currently 62-59, they are 17.5 games back of the New York Yankees for first place in the AL East and 8.5 games back of the Tampa Bay Rays for the second spot in the Wild Card standings.

The question we are all asking is “what happened to the Boston Red Sox?”

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Last season was a magical season for the Red Sox. They had best record in all of baseball, their pitching was great and their whole lineup was hitting. So, what happened?

It is easy they fell back down to earth. The Red Sox are a good team, but they are not an elite team. A lot of factors played into awful year, no additions were made last offseason, the pitching has been awful and Mookie Betts has been producing.

The success the Red Sox had last season blinded their front office. The front office did nothing this past offseason to help their team, because they thought their team was “perfect.”

But, they forgot in order to win back-to-back World Series you need to make necessary changes to your team. Even if that means getting rid over fan-favorite players.

The front office did nothing at all this past offseason, all they did was let Craig Kimbrel a shutdown closer and Joe Kelly a great relief pitcher walk out the door.

They did not try to find a starting pitcher to help the back end of their rotation which has been bad this year. Also, they did not address the bullpen and did not find Dustin Pedrioa replacement at second base.

By them not making any additions to the team they set them selves up to fail right from the start.

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Not to mention their pitching has not been great at all this year. Last year the Red Sox team ERA was 3.75, this year the team ERA is 4.83.

Chris Sale has been dreadful this year, he is 6-11 with a 4.41 ERA. Even the other starting pitchers have had a roller coaster year. One day they pitching great the next day they can’t get out of 1st inning.

Then bullpen has been an absolute nightmare, all they do is blow games. The bullpen has blown over 17 saves this season. Matt Barnes has not been what the Red Sox have expected which has hurted them a lot.

Then to top all of that their “MVP” Mookie Betts has not been producing at all. Last year Betts had a .346 average with 32 homeruns and 80 RBI’s which won him the AL MVP.

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This year so far he is batting .280 with 20 homeruns and 62 RBI’s, no MVP looks like that. Betts is supposed to be this five tool player but he has not looked like that at all this year.

He not been this so-called great fielder this year, he looks like he is running half speed on line drive fly balls, he is missing jumps and has not thrown not many runners this year.

Betts has been having such a bad year that rumors have come out that the Red Sox are thinking of trading this upcoming offseason. All of these problems do can led to a horrible season for any team.

The Red Sox need to make serous changes to their roster this upcoming offseason if they want to compete with the Houston Astros and New York Yankees for the next five years.

They should start focusing on next season now, because this season is a lost cause at this point. The whole team looks like they gave up already and are ready for a fresh start. This season is officially over for the Red Sox.