AFC West Predictions

The AFC West will still be a two team race between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers. But who will finish with the better record? Which team will have to settle for the wild card instead of the division title?

Will the Raiders or Broncos surprise anyone this year?

A lot moves happened this past offseason in the AFC West. Antonio “AB” Brown was traded to Oakland Raiders, Tyrann Mathieu the “Honey Badger” signed with the Chiefs and Joe Flacco a former Super Bowl MVP quarterback was traded to the Denver Broncos.

Maybe some of these acquisitions could change the whole playoff picture this year with one game. Maybe one team ruins another team chances of making the playoffs.

Here is my prediction for the AFC West.

Kansas City Chiefs: 12-4 

The Chiefs are hands down my pick to win the Super Bowl this year. They made  so many key acquisitions this year to do just that. Adding pass rusher Frank Clark will really help that the defensive line get to the quarterback more than they did last year with just Chris Jones.

Plus, having Tyrann Mathieu in that secondary will make quarterbacks think twice of throwing the ball  his way. If the Chiefs defense can be a top 20 defense they will have no problems this year.

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Los Angeles Chargers: 11-5

I have the Chargers going 11-5 because they did take a step back this offseason. They lost wide receiver Tyrell Williams, safety Derwin James will be out until sometime in November and running back Melvin Gordon is currently holding out.

The Chargers have a great overall team, but it is going to hard for them to beat Chiefs this years especially because the front office did not make any moves. The Chargers knew they needed to make moves this past offseason in order to beat the Chiefs but they didn’t.

Denver Broncos: 5-11 

The Denver Broncos are going to be the same team their were last year. They might be tough out but they won’t win many games. The only addition they made was Joe Flacco. Yes, Flacco won a Super Bowl but he had weapons Baltimore. What weapons are in Denver outside or Emmanuel Sanders.

The Broncos offense will still be bad because they have no offensive line and have no weapons what so ever. The defense will be great for Broncos this year, I think Bradley Chubb and Von Miller will be the most feared pass rushing tandem in all of football. But, the team will not go anywhere because of their offense.

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Oakland Raiders: 3-13 

I hate to say this again Oakland Raider fans but they are going to be the laughing stock of the division again. The Raiders have way to many personalities on that team that will collide.

With all those personalities colliding that will lead to loses on the field against multiple teams. The main reason why they are going to lose many games is because of their defense. Their defense has always been a question mark. I don’t think their offense will have trouble scoring. Their offense will have trouble carrying that defense the whole year.