AFC North Predictions

The AFC North is the most intriguing division in all of football right now. There are so many questions in this division.

Will the new look Cleveland Browns take over the division? Are the Pittsburgh Steelers going to take a major step down after losing AB and LeVeon Bell? Will Lamar Jackson develop his passing game in order to help the Baltimore Ravens offense become complete?

This division has more questions than answers. That is why this will be the division to watch this year. Three teams have a realistic chance of winning the AFC North Division Title. Here are my predictions for the AFC North.

Cleveland Browns: 10-6 

You might think I’m on the hype train for the Cleveland Browns. I’m not. I looked at their schedule and said they have tough first half but the second half looks really easy. In three of the last eight games are against opponents that had a winning record last year.

The Browns can end the season on a great run that could help them make the playoffs. The Browns have the team now to win games, the only thing is will they win big games against big opponents?

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Baltimore Ravens: 9-7 

The Baltimore Ravens are coming into this season with more questions on defense than on offense. The Ravens lost four starters on defense this past offseason. That is big especially when two of them were their biggest leaders (CJ Mosley, Terrell Suggs).

Losing guys like that can not hurt your defense but the whole team. We have no idea who is the leader of the Ravens now?

I do think the Ravens offense will be better this season. I do believe Lamar Jackson will try to show the whole NFL world that he is not a running quarterback. But I do not think that will be enough to win them the division.

They have a tough series of games from week 7 to week 12 which could hurt their chances a lot. If they could win three games during that stretch they can have a great shot of making the playoffs.

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Pittsburgh Steelers: 8-8 

The Steelers have a really good team but I think this season will just be like last season. They will start off really hot then go really cold to end the season. I just don’t trust this team in big moments.

Over the past four years we have expected so much but, all they have done is let a lot of people down. That is when they had a really talented team. What can we expect now with a less talented team. Not that much.

Cincinnati Bengals: 6-10 

The Bengals have shown they are in rebuild mode. I do not expect them to have a great season overall. The offense is not good at all. The defense is can’t stop any passing game what so ever. The Bengals are not a good team at all.

But, I do think they will play as the spoilers of the division. I think the Bengals are going to cost one of the three remaining teams a spot in the playoffs.