NFL Week 1 Predictions

Finally football is back. We have all been waiting for this since the NFL free agency. New faces in new places, Odell Beckham Jr in Cleveland, Le’Veon Bell in New York and more.

This week has quiet a few good games this week. Some of them have potential to be great games.

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Here are my predictions for NFL week one

Kansas City Chiefs vs Jacksonville Jaguars: Winner Kansas City Chiefs 

Atlanta Falcons vs Minnesota Vikings: Winner Minnesota Vikings

Tennessee Titans vs Cleveland Browns: Winner Cleveland Browns

Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets: Winner New York Jets 

Baltimore Ravens vs Miami Dolphins: Winner Baltimore Ravens 

Washington Redskins vs Philadelphia Eagles: Winner Philadelphia Eagles (Biggest Blow Out)  

Los Angeles Rams vs Carolina Panthers: Winner Los Angeles Rams (Game of the Week)

Indianapolis Colts vs Los Angeles Chargers: Winner Los Angeles Chargers

Cincinnati Bengals vs Seattle Seahawks: Winner Seattle Seahawks 

New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys: Winner Dallas Cowboys 

San Francisco 49ers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Winner San Francisco 49ers

Detroit Lions vs Arizona Cardinals: Winner Detroit Lions

Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots: Winner Pittsburgh Steelers (Upset of the Week) 

Houston Texans vs New Orleans Saints: Winner New Orleans Saints 

Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders: Winner Denver Broncos  

I have the Redskins vs Eagles as the blow out of the week because the overall team the Eagles have. The Eagles have to much talent for the Redskins to handle.

Game of Week is might be a potential playoff matchup the Rams are going to take on the Panthers in Carolina. Both teams don’t have many weakness on defense which should make this a close game on Sunday.

I have the Steelers upsetting the Patriots this week because of all the pressure to prove to world that they don’t need Antonio “AB” Brown and Le’Veon Bell in order to win. I think the Steelers will beat the Patriots by a field goal.