Top Landing Spots for Antonio Brown

It happened the Oakland Raiders have released wide receiver Antonio Brown. After being traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers, Brown has done nothing but cause trouble.

He was still calling out his former teammates, the frostbite on his feet, not showing for practice or walk through, then the helmet saga, threatening to beat up the General Manger after posting a private letter and the post this morning saying he wants to be release.

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At 4 P.M. today Brown will officially become a free agent. The only question everyone is asking. Which team will take their chances on Antonio Brown after all the trouble he has caused since January of 2019.

Well here are my my top landing spots for Antonio Brown.

5. San Francisco 49ers 

The 49ers have been looking for a number one receiver for the past two years. Well they can get one of the best receivers in all of football. If Jimmy Garroppolo is healthy maybe the 49ers might take a chance on him.

4. Miami Dolphins 

The Fins could be the team that will sign Brown. Born in Miami, still lives down in Miami, spends most of his offseason time in Miami. It might be a match.

But the Dolphins are in full rebuild mode which means they might now sell that many seats. But if they sign Brown they will sell a lot of merchandise. But will they want when they are trying to build a culture for the future.

3.  Arizona Cardinals 

The Cardinals are not going anywhere this year. But they want Kyler Murray to develop into the Star they believe he can be. You can do that if he is throwing the football to Antonio Brown.

Plus the Cardinals have Larry Fitzgerald. Maybe Fitzgerald can help Brown restore his image because right now, Brown is public enemy number one in the whole NFL.

2. New England Patriots 

Almost everyone thinks Brown will with the Patriots. I don’t think so. I believe Bill Belichick does not want any part of Antonio Brown. Patriots have this reputation that they take players who are trouble makers and fix their image.

Don’t get wrong if Brown goes to the Patriots, they can win the Super Bowl. Brady throwing to Brown could be the best quarterback-receiver tandem in NFL. But, do we really think Brown will put his ego aside.

I just don’t know if Belichick can control him.

1. Carolina Panthers 

The Panthers have been in need of a number one receiver for who knows how long. If the Panthers can land Brown they have shot at making really far in the playoffs. They will have one the most complete teams in the NFL.

Cam Newton and Antonio Brown will be great pair because Cam has no other receiver than Christian McCaffrey. If the Panthers can make Newtons life easier they have better shot at winning it all.

The only that might stop this move is head coach Ron Rivera. Rivera doesn’t play at all if Brown were to mess up, Rivera will make sure he pays.