Top 5 Trade Packages for Mookie Betts

With the baseball season ending in a couple of weeks, the Boston Red Sox look like they are going to sellers this upcoming offseason.

Earlier this week rumors have even came out the Red Sox are looking to trade outfielder Mookie Betts.

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This is big because of how big of a figure he is in Boston. I have personally said I don’t believe he is a top 10 player in baseball and I have said he is overrated. (Why Mookie Betts is not a top 10 player, click the link to read). Mookie Betts is overrated

I do believe the Red Sox will trade Betts this offseason because he has turned down multiple contract extensions and he is looking to get paid. With his inconsistency I don’t think they will pay him the money he wants.

The Red Sox can get a good package in return for Betts because he is still an All-Star, just not a top 10 player.

So, here are the best packages I believe the Red Soxs can get for Mookie Betts.

5. Minnesota Twins

Twins receive: Mookie Betts

Red Sox receive: Pitcher Trevor May, Pitcher Sam Dyson, and a player to be named later

We all know the Red Sox need help with their bullpen. The Twins have a solid bullpen with some really good pitchers. If the Red Sox can get two of them that would be great for team. They won’t have to rely on their starting pitching so much next season.

4. Chicago White Sox

White Sox receive: Mookie Betts

Red Sox receive: Pitcher Aaron Bummer, Pitcher Jimmy Cordero, and second baseman Yolmer Sanchez.

I think this trade can happen because the Red Sox and the White Sox have done multiple deals together. So, they both known they can get a deal done together. I really like this package for the Red Sox a lot because Bummer is a very solid relief pitcher and can really help out that Red Sox bullpen. Plus, Sanchez will give them depth around their infielder.

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3. Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodgers Receive: Mookie Betts

Red Sox recieve: Pitcher Joe Kelly, second baseman Kike Hernandez

This the one trade I truly don’t see happening just because of team. I don’t see the Red Sox trading Betts to a team who are already World Series contenders. But, if they were to trade him to the Dodgers they would get nice package in return.

Hernandez is very good utility player that can play almost every position and Joe Kelly would the anchor of that bullpen. Kelly showed during his time in Boston that he was the heart and soul of that bullpen and this year we have seen a lack of heart from the Red Sox bullpen.

2. St.Louis Cardinals 

Cardinals receive: Mookie Betts 

Red Sox receive: Pitcher John Grant, outfielder Tyler O’Neill and a player to be named later.  

The Cardinals are one of best young teams in all of baseball. They love to play hit-and-run baseball. Betts would be a great fit in that system. I do believe Betts can elevate the speed game for the Cardinals because they have so many contact hitters on the team.

For the Red Sox if they can get a young outfielder and a solid arm like Grant for their bullpen they will be really helping themselves out a lot with salary cap and depth on their team.

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1.Cincinnati Reds 

Reds receive: Mookie Betts 

Red Sox receive: Pitcher Amir Garrett, outfielder Phillip Ervin and Pitcher Robert Stephenson  

Do I believe the Reds are playoff contender. No I do not. Would Mookie Betts change that no he wouldn’t. The NL central is such a tough division I don’t believe one player can make a that big of a difference. That why is the perfect trade for the Red Sox.

Betts will be out of the AL and they will have a better roster. If the Red Sox add Garrett and Stephenson (underrated) to that bullpen they might actually be a top 15 bullpen in baseball next year. If this trade happens the Red Sox would be serious contenders next year.