NFL Week 3 Predictions

I’m so happy week 3 is here because week 2 did not bring any excitement at all. There was no game that had me on the edge of my seat outside of the Eagles vs Falcons game.

This week has at least five good games that could be great games. With further more here are my predictions for Week 3.

Dallas Cowboys over Miami Dolphins (Blow out of the Week)

Buffalo Bills over Cincinnati Bengals

Philadelphia Eagles over Detroit Lions

New England Patriots over New York Jets

Atlanta Falcons over Indianapolis Colts

Minnesota Vikings over Oakland Raiders

Kansas City Chiefs over Baltimore Ravens (Game of the Week)

Green Bay Packers over Denver Broncos

Arizona Cardinals over Carolina Panthers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers over New York Giants

Seattle Seahawks over New Orleans Saints

Houston Texans over Los Angeles Chargers (Upset of the Week)

San Francisco 49ers over Pittsburgh Steelers

Los Angeles Rams over Cleveland Browns

Chicago Bears over Washington Redskins

I have the Dallas Cowboys destroying the Miami Dolphins week because the Dolphins are in full tank mode. They put a high school team out on the field to play grown men. Come on people the Dolphins are gonna get destroyed.

The Game of the Week will the Kansas City Chiefs beating the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are off to hot start but look at the teams they played so far. Now they are going to face the best offense in football. This will be a shootout between Lamar Jackson and Patrick MaHomes.

I have the Houston Texans going to Los Angeles and beating the Chargers in their home. The Chargers with out runningback Melvin Gordon are good but they are not elite. The lack of a running attack has put more pressure on the receivers who have not performed well at all so far.

Comment your picks down below.