NFL Week 5 predictions

Man already the first quarter of the season is over. We have seen thrillers, comebacks and not many upsets in the first 4 weeks. But, the NFL has had more drama this year than ever before.

Besides the drama of people asking for trades. Lets get to the games this weekend. I think there will be a lot of close games. So teams are being label rebuild but they all have something to prove which makes this week interesting.

Here are my predictions for week 5 in the NFL

Philadelphia Eagles over New York Jets

Jacksonville Jaguars over Carolina Panthers

Minnesota Vikings over New York Giants

Houston Texans over Atlanta Falcons

Tampa Bay Buccaneers over New Orleans Saints (Upset of the Week)

Tennessee Titans over Buffalo Bills

Cincinnati Bengals over Arizona Cardinals

New England Patriots over Washington Redskins (Blowout of the Week) 

Baltimore Ravens over Pittsburgh Steelers

Chicago Bears over Oakland Raiders

Los Angeles Chargers over Denver Broncos

Dallas Cowboys over Green Bay Packers (Game of the Week) 

Kansas City Chiefs over Indianapolis Colts

Cleveland Browns over San Francisco 49ers

I have the Bucs upsetting the Saints because I do not trust the Saints in these type of games. When everyone is expecting the New Orleans Saints to win a game they go ahead and lose the game all the time. Plus, the Bucs have the offense to win this game.

For Game of the Week I have the Dallas Cowboys edging out the Green Bay Packers. I think the Cowboys are going to rush the ball down the Packers throat. The Packers have shown this year they can’t stop the run to save their lives. Now they are going to face a team that lives and dies by the run. The Packers are going to have play their best game in order to win this game.

For Blowout of the Week I got the New England Patriots obliterating the Washington Redskins. This should not be a surprise to anyone the Redskins are a really bad team. Now they are going to face the one the best teams in all of football. This will be game that will send Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden out the door.