New York Giants vs New England Patriots Prediction

Tom Brady vs Daniel Jones, Bill Belichick vs Pat Shurmur. Man that is not what I expected to say at the beginning of the season.

At the beginning of the season I thought this game would be Eli Manning last game as the starter then next week would be the Daniel Jones first start. But, the Giants already went to rookie quarterback Daniel Jones.

I do not expect this game to be close because the Giants have already ruled out Saquon Barkley, Sterling Sheppard, Evan Engram and Wayne Gallman. The only offense weapon the Giants have going into this game is Golden Tate.

Now the one weapon Giants are going to face the number 1 defense in all of football. Plus, no rookie quarterback under the age of 25 has beaten Patriots under Belichick. Jones is 22.

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I do think the Patriots are just going to humiliate the Giants.

I even expect the Patriots to pull of some trick plays tonight that they might run later on in the season. This is the type of game where you test plays to see if they will actually work.

I think Tom Brady is gonna have a great game because the Giants defense is awful. They can’t stop anyone. So, here is my prediction.

Patriots over Giants, final score 35 to 9.