The Real reason why the Yankees lost

The New York Yankees fell short again this year. Can they win a World Series with this team?

The answer is yes. The reason why the Yankees lost to the Houston Astros in the playoffs this year and to the Boston Red Sox’s last year is Aaron Boone.

Boone is a terrible manger and somehow no one wants to put any blame on him.

He wanted to show how great his bullpen is to the whole world. But, he forgot that the more times batters see the same pitcher the more comfortable they get.

Guess what the same thing that is happened last year happened this year.

If you look at all the Yankees loses in the regular season and postseason this year and last year they all show the same problems.

Boone miss using the bullpen, putting out horrible lineup cards and only uses analytics to win games.

Now if you take a closer look at this year’s American League Championship Series he did all of that. Boone let analytics run the team instead of baseball instincts.

In game two once the Yankees had the lead Boone brings in Adam Ottavino when everyone knows he struggled the last month of the season and did not look good against the Minnesota Twins in all three games.

Right on cue, Ottavino gave up the game-tying home run and the Yankees ending up losing the game.

Then in game three he puts out one of the worst lineup cards I have ever seen. Why would you put Brett Gardner and Edwin Encarnacion ahead of Gleyber Torres, who was swinging a hot bat going into game three?

The line up for game three should have been: 1B DJ LeMahiue, RF Aaron Judge, 2B Gleyber Torres, DH Giancarlo Stanton, LF Brett Garnder, C Gary Sanchez, SS Didi Gregorius, 3B Gio Urshela, CF Aaron Hicks.

Yes, Giancarlo should have been in the lineup for game three. He is getting paid 26 million dollars this year, he should have been in lineup since he only played in 18 games this year.

Then to cap it all off he texts Houston Astros manager AJ Hinch who he is starting in game six. Why would you text the manager of the team you are trying to beat your gameplan when you are on the verge of elimination?

Somehow someway Aaron Boone will find a new way to lose games.

Boone set up the Yankees to fail in game six. He never deserved this job and he should be fired for what he did to this team.

If none you believe that look at this.

Joe Girardi who a lot of Yankees did not like took a team that no one expected to go anywhere to game seven of the ALCS.

Boone took a more talented team to game five in the ALDS only to lose in an embarrassing fashion to the Boston Red Sox’s and to game six of the ALCS this year.

Don’t say he pushed all the right buttons this year when it came to injuries. I hate to say it to all of you but that was luck. If your team had 30 players on the Injury List there is a small chance they make the playoffs let only to win over 80 games.

If the Yankees want to win a World Series without adding starting pitching to this team they need a new manager that knows baseball, not analytics.




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