NFL Week 10 Predictions

This a big week in the NFL. Last year MVP Patrick Mahomes makes his return, the battle of New York, and the Seahawks-49ers rivalry is back.

I expect to see a lot of closes games this week.

Here are my predictions:

New York Jets over New York Giants

New Orleans Saints over Atlanta Falcons

Kansas City Chiefs over Tennessee Titans

Baltimore Ravens over Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland Browns over Buffalo Bills

Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Arizona Cardinals

Detriot Lions over Chicago Bears (Upset of the Week)

Indianapolis Colts over Miami Dolphins (Blowout of the Week)

Green Bay Packers over Carolina Panthers

Los Angeles Rams over Pittsburgh Steelers

Minnesota Vikings over Dallas Cowboys

Seattle Seahawks over San Francisco 49ers  (Game of the Week) 

I have the Detriot Lions upsetting the Bears in Chicago because of Mitch Trubisky. I do not trust the Bears offense to be consistent as long as Trubisky is at quarterback, no matter how good their defense is.

For blowout of the week, I still have the Miami Dolphins getting embarrassed. The Colts have too good of an overall team to lose to the Dolphins.

For the game of the week, I see the Seahawks gaining ground on the 49ers for the NFC West title. The 49ers have been really lucky so far this season because they have not played anyone at all. Now they are going to face one of the best teams in all of the NFL. This will be the biggest test for the 49ers.